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Volume 11, Number 11—November 2005


Vibrio cholerae Pathogenic Clones

Anna Salim*, Ruiting Lan†, and Peter R. Reeves*Comments to Author 
Author affiliations: *University of Sydney, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia; †University of New South Wales, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

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Isolates of Vibrio cholerae tested

Original name Laboratory name Clone/isolate Year isolated Location Source* Serogroup Biotype
#75 M967 6th pandemic 1921 Japan CDC O1 Classical
395 M1616 6th pandemic 1965 India CVD O1 Classical
E506 M794 US Gulf Coast 1974 Texas, USA CVD O1 El Tor
4808 M796 US Gulf Coast 1978 Louisiana, USA CVD O1 El Tor
NCTC 9420 M640 Pre-7th pandemic 1954 Cairo, Egypt NCTC O1 El Tor
NCTC 5395 M543 Pre-7th pandemic 1938 Baghdad, Iraq NICED O1 El Tor
66-2 (Makassar 759) M802 Pre-7th pandemic 1937 Sulawesi, Indonesia IP O1 El Tor
SIMP/77 M2140 Australian 1977 Australia QH O1 El Tor
M4287/77 M2141 Australian 1977 Australia QH O1 El Tor
2100 M663 7th pandemic 1992 Bali, Indonesia IMVS O1 El Tor
E9120 M793 7th pandemic 1961 Indonesia CVD O1 El Tor
N16961† 7th pandemic 1971 Bangladesh GenBank O1 El Tor
1085-93 M549 Environmental 1993 Germany NIHJ O37
141-94 M553 Environmental 1994 Germany NIHJ O70
905-93 M555 Environmental 1993 Argentina NIHJ O97
928-93 M557 Environmental 1993 Argentina NIHJ O6
370-94 M563 Environmental 1994 South Korea NIHJ O81

*CDC, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; CVD, Centre for Vaccine Development (Dr James Kaper); NCTC, National Collection of Type Cultures; NICED, National Institute for Cholera and Enteric Diseases; IP, Institute Pasteur (Dr A. Dodin); QH, Queensland Health (Dr Denise Murphy); IMVS, Institute of Medical and Veterinary Science; NIHJ, National Institute of Health, Japan (Dr Tohio Shimada).
†Sequence of the genome of isolate N16961 was used. GenBank accession numbers for chromosomes 1 and 2 are AE003852 and AE003853, respectively.

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