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For over half a century, the CDC Yellow Book has been a trusted resource, providing international travelers and clinicians with expert guidance for safe and healthy travel abroad. Along with disease-specific prevention and treatment recommendations, this comprehensive reference text provides readers with the background and context needed to understand and address health threats associated with all types of international travel.

Featured in this edition:

  • Precautions for international travelers during the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic
  • Updates on practicing travel medicine in a virtual environment
  • New standalone vaccine tables for bacterial and viral diseases
  • Updated travel health recommendations for highly allergic, immunocompromised, and chronically ill travelers, travelers with substance use disorders, and medical tourists
  • Country-specific mosquito avoidance, yellow fever vaccine, and malaria prevention recommendations

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To produce a book subtitled "Health Information for International Travel" during an ongoing pandemic takes the right mix of folly, optimism, pluck, and prescience. And who could have predicted that just 2 weeks after delivering our draft to the publisher, the first cases of monkeypox heralding an international outbreak would be diagnosed? Using a travel analogy, putting together CDC Yellow Book 2024 has been a bit like running along the platform and jumping to catch a moving train. After scrapping our plans for CDC Yellow Book 2022 (the release of which had been slated to coincide with the May 2021 Conference of the International Society of Travel Medicine meeting) we rededicated ourselves to publishing this current edition. Written, reviewed, and edited by clinicians and public health professionals over 12 months (roughly April 2021–April 2022), this book reflects not only their generosity but also their steadfast commitment to the philosophy behind this ongoing project.

To all who participated, the editorial team would like to express its sincerest thanks. We would also like to extend our gratitude to Drs. Elise Beltrami and Nicole Cohen for their meticulous reading of the entire volume. They, too, completed their thorough reviews while juggling multiple pandemic-related responsibilities. Their combined breadth and depth of knowledge, keen eye for detail, and artful knack for inserting well-placed, insightful comments significantly improved the manuscript.

The CDC Yellow Book 2024 editorial team would also like to recognize authors for their past contributions to the chapters in CDC Yellow Book 2020. Please refer to each chapter to find these acknowledgements.


This edition of the CDC Yellow Book continues a longstanding tradition of providing guidance for the practice of travel medicine. It also serves as a source of US government recommendations for immunizations and prophylaxis for international travel. The goal for this edition, as for previous editions, is to serve as a comprehensive resource for clinicians looking for answers to travel health-related questions. We believe you will find CDC Yellow Book 2024 lives up to the high standards set by its predecessors.

The COVID-19 pandemic interrupted the writing, editing, and publishing of the CDC Yellow Book, delaying the normal biennial production cycle by 2 years. COVID-19 has also created authorship and editorial challenges due to the frequently changing guidance around management, prevention, and treatment of this disease. With the understanding that the science and epidemiology of this disease will continue to evolve, we have endeavored to provide the most "evergreen" COVID-19 information available; for the most up-to-date details on COVID-19, we encourage you to visit the CDC website.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Rochelle Walensky, MD, MPH, Director

National Center for Emerging and Zoonotic Infectious Diseases
Daniel Jernigan, MD, MPH, Acting Director

Division of Global Migration and Quarantine
Lisa Rotz, MD, Acting Director

Travelers' Health Branch
Cindy Friedman, MD, Chief

CDC Yellow Book Editorial Team

Editor in Chief, Print
Jeffrey Nemhauser, MD

Editor in Chief, Digital
Eric Halsey, MD

Senior Medical Editor
Regina LaRocque, MD, MPH

Medical Editors
Francisco Alvarado-Ramy, MD
Kristina Angelo, DO, MPH&TM
Charles Ericsson, MD
Alida Gertz, MD, MPH, DTM&H
Phyllis Kozarsky, MD
Stephen Ostroff, MD
Edward Ryan, MD, DTM&H
David Shlim, MD
William Stauffer, MD, MPH
Michelle Weinberg, MD, MPH
Mary Elizabeth Wilson, MD

Managing Editors
Suraj Arshanapally, MPH
Jane Keir, MPH
Laura Leidel, RN, FNP-C, MSN, MPH

Assistant Managing Editor
Samantha Crowe, MPH

Technical Editor
Amy Guinn, MA

Marielle (Ellie) Glynn, MS, MAS


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Ronnie Henry

Ronnie Henry (1970–2020)

With this edition of the CDC Yellow Book, we say goodbye to several friends. Martin "Marty" Cetron, who directed the Division of Global Migration and Quarantine (DGMQ) in the National Center for Emerging and Zoonotic Infectious Diseases at CDC since 1996, will retire from the Agency in spring 2023. Over the course of his distinguished career, Marty advanced the practice of global health, mentoring numerous leaders in the field of travel medicine along the way. A list of his accomplishments could easily fill their own volume and his ongoing support of the CDC Yellow Book over the years has helped ensure that this reference remains the respected resource it is. Thank you, Marty, for all you have done. With deep appreciation, we wish you fair winds and Godspeed.

We also are saying goodbye to three physician colleagues and longtime CDC Yellow Book contributors who passed away since we last published: Jay Keystone (September 2019), William Bunn (January 2021), and Karl Neumann (February 2021). We will miss them and their teaching. Their legacy endures, however, and the clinicians and public health professionals who contributed to this edition in their stead, stand on their shoulders.

And last, we remember Ronnie Henry, a dearly loved son, brother, and friend. Ronnie, who began working in medical writing, editing, and publishing in 1996, had experience in a wide range of subjects, including infectious and chronic disease, epidemiology, microbiology, pharmacology, and clinical research. He came to CDC in 2003 as an editor for Emerging Infectious Diseases, spent a year in Beijing teaching medical writing and publishing to Chinese researchers, and then worked as an editor for Preventing Chronic Disease. Ronnie joined the Travelers' Health Branch in June 2010, as a health communication specialist. He quickly became an encyclopedia of travel health information and served as technical editor for five editions of CDC Yellow Book.

Ronnie helped shape CDC's messaging around healthy international travel for over 10 years, and supported multiple emergency response efforts including Ebola, Zika, and COVID-19. An extraordinary teacher, he influenced authors throughout the agency. He continued writing "Etymologia" features for Emerging Infections Diseases long after he left the journal's staff, expanding readers' knowledge with his explanations of the origins of medical and scientific terms. Ronnie had the rare ability to write equally well for scientific and lay audiences. He was also the driving force behind the development of the "Can I Eat This?" app, which delivered accurate and actionable food and water recommendations for international travelers with a dose of Ronnie's trademark humor. The app appeared as an answer to a question on Jeopardy, which he claimed as a crowning achievement in his career.

Ronnie traveled the world with his closest friends, exploring the continents of North and South America, Europe, and Asia. He regaled colleagues with tales of his adventures abroad, including the time he ate the entire head of a large fish thinking it was customary to do so in Japan. The shocked expression of the chef and other diners told him otherwise, just a moment too late. Outwardly, Ronnie was a colorful character with many striking qualities that all who met him knew and loved: his ever-changing hair color; his passion for trivia games; his amazing cooking, fermenting, baking, and ice cream-making skills; improv comedy; his fondness for cats and cat memes; his wry wit, astonishing intellect, and eloquence; and the pleasure he took in sharing a well-made meal with good friends. Ronnie was a mainstay in DGMQ and a light to everyone who knew him. At the time of his death (May 2020), Ronnie left behind many friends across CDC, and it is to his memory that this edition of the CDC Yellow Book is dedicated.