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Chapter 4 Select Destinations

Rationale for Select Destinations

David R. Shlim

The quality of travel health advice is based on trying to reduce risks for the traveler in a particular destination. Our ability to counsel travelers is improved when we have visited a particular destination ourselves, or at least are familiar with typical itineraries and the specifics of health risks. However, our own travel experiences rarely encompass all the destinations that our clients plan to visit. Thus, this chapter of the Yellow Book was created to allow experts who have lived in or have frequently visited particular destinations to share their insider’s knowledge of these places.

Each of these sections should be considered a personal perspective on the area discussed. They are editorial in nature, containing the author’s expressed opinions, and aim to present topics for consideration; they should not necessarily be taken as a prescription for pre-travel care. Preventive recommendations that are covered elsewhere in the book are usually not repeated in these chapters, other than to address controversies or to emphasize important points.

The destination sections have proved to be one of the most popular features of the Yellow Book. The goals of these sections are to help a travel health provider feel more comfortable giving advice about specific destinations that he or she may have never visited, and to provide a level of detail about the attractions and health risks at select destinations that has not been provided elsewhere in this book.