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Ahead of Print / In Press

Disclaimer: Ahead of print articles are not considered as final versions. Any changes will be reflected in the online version in the month the article is officially released.

Issues Available

Volume 21, Number 3—March 2015




Volume 21, Number 4—April 2015


  • Reappearance of Chikungunya, Formerly Called Dengue, in the Americas
    S. B. Halstead
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    This zoonosis, originally called dengue, causes global pandemics among humans every 40–50 years.


  • Animal-Associated Exposure to Rabies Virus among Travelers, 1997–2012
    P. Gautret et al.
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    Most exposures occurred among short-term tourists to Asia; no demographic characteristics identified who might benefit from pretravel counseling.

  • Evolution of Ebola Virus Disease from Exotic Infection to Global Health Priority, Liberia, Mid-2014
    M. Arwady et al.
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    As Ebola virus disease spread across Liberia, the scale of the epidemic required a multi-faceted public health response.


  • Population Structure and Antimicrobial Drug Susceptibility of Invasive Serotype IV Group B Streptococci, Toronto, Canada
    S. Teatero et al.
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    Conjugate vaccines should include polysaccharide or virulence proteins of this serotype to provide complete protection.

  • Norovirus Genotype Profiles Associated with Foodborne Transmission, 1999–2012
    L. Verhoef et al.
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    Globally, foodborne transmission accounted for 14% of all outbreaks.



Online Report

Volume 21, Number 5—May 2015


  • Protective Antibodies against Placental Malaria and Poor Outcomes during Pregnancy, Benin
    N. T. Ndam et al.
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    Immunity requires a vaccine that inhibits binding of infected erythrocytes to chondroitin sulfate.


  • Canine Infections with Onchocerca lupi Nematodes, United States, 2011–2014
    D. Otranto et al.


  • Pin-Site Myiasis Caused by Screwworm Fly, Colombia
    F. J. Africano et al.
  • Ebola and Psychological Stress of Health Care Professionals
    M. Lehmann et al.