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Volume 10, Number 1—January 2004


Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome–associated Coronavirus in Lung Tissue

Tony Mazzulli*†‡, Gabriella A. Farcas‡§, Susan M. Poutanen*†‡, Barbara M. Willey*†, Donald E. Low*†‡, Jagdish Butany†‡¶, Sylvia L. Asa†‡¶, and Kevin C. Kain‡§1Comments to Author 
Author affiliations: *Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto, Ontario, Canada; †Toronto Medical Laboratories, Toronto Ontario, Canada; ‡University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada; §Toronto General Hospital, Toronto, Ontario, Canada; ¶University Health Network, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Table 1

Clinical description and SARS-CoV RT-PCR results for 11 patients who died with probable SARSa

Sex/age Coexisting conditions Illness and treatment duration
(days) Postmortem lung tissue description RealArt HPA Coronavirus RT-PCRb
Illness Ventilation Ribavirin Steroids Results Copies of CoV/
gram tissue
M/43 Type II DM, HTN 15 4 0 0 RUL Positive 1.5 x 108
RML (#1) Positive 5.4 x 107
RML (#2) Positive 2.8 x 107
RML (#3) Positive 7.4 x 106
RML (#4) Positive 6.4 x 108
M/76 Type II DM, CAD, HTN 11 4 6 (started on day 6 of illness) 0 Lung Positive 3.8 x 109
F/78 Type II DM, CAD, hypercholesterolemia, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease 8 5 >5 (started on day 4 of illness) 0 RT lung Positive 1.0 x 109
LUL Positive 9.4 x 107
M/62 Rectal cancer; HTN, hypercholesterolemia 8 N/A >5 (started on day 4 of illness) 0 LT lung Positive 5.3 x 107
F/73 HTN, hypercholesterolemia 28 DNI 14 (started on day 5 of illness) 12 (stated on day 14 of illness) LT lung Positive 3.0x 104
RT lung Positive 3.6 x105
F/99 Osteoarthritis 26 DNI 13 (started on day 1 of illness) 0 Lung Positive 5.0 x 104
M/63 Hypercholesterolemia, cerebral vascular disease 20 12 16 (started on day 4 of illness) 16(started on day 6 of illness) RUL lung Positive 3.2 x 106
LLL Positive 2.5 x107
F/78 Type II DM, HTN, hypercholesterolemia 24 18 10 (started on day 3 of illness) 18 (started on day 5 of illness) LT lung Positive 4.1 x 105
RUL Positive 4.9x105
M/44 29 18 18 (started on day 8 of illness) 17 (started on day 12 of illness) RT lung Positive 7.6 x 104
LT lung Positive 4.1 x 104
M/77 Type II DM, HTN, hypercholesterolemia >18 >1 >1 (started on day 10 of illness) >7 (started on day 10 of illness) LLL Positive 5.6 x 105
LUL Positive 5.7 x 105
F/79 Type II DM, HTN, hypercholesterolemia 32 DNI 11 (started on day 2 of illness) >4 (started on day 12 of illness) LT lung Positive 2.7 x 104
Lung Positive 2.1 x 105

aSARS, severe acute respiratory syndrome; CoV, coronavirus; RT-PCR, reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction; F, female; M, male; DM, diabetes mellitus; HTN, hypertension; RUL, right upper lobe; RML, right middle lobe; CAD, coronary artery disease; RT, right; LT, left; LUL, left upper lobe; LLL, left lower lobe; N/A, not available; DNI, “Do not intubate” order written.
bRealArt HPA Coronavirus RT-PCR (Artus GmbH, Hamburg, Germany).

Main Article

1Drs. Mazzulli and Farcas contributed equally to the manuscript. All authors jointly conceived and designed the study and wrote the report. Gabriella A. Farcas performed the majority of the reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction assays.

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