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Volume 15, Number 3—March 2009


Integron-mediated Multidrug Resistance in a Global Collection of Nontyphoidal Salmonella enterica Isolates

Mary G. Krauland, Jane W. Marsh, David L. Paterson, and Lee H. HarrisonComments to Author 
Author affiliations: University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine and Graduate School of Public Health, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA (M.G. Krauland, J.W. March, D.L. Paterson, L.H. Harrison); University of Queensland, Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia (D.L. Paterson)

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Table 2

Primers used for PCR amplification of Salmonella enterica integrons

Primer Sequence (5′ → 3′) Target Reference
5’CS GGCATCCAAGCAGCAAGC 5′ conserved segment (17)
3’CS AAGCAGACTTGACCTGAT 3′ conserved segment (17)
sul1_F GCGCGGCGTGGGCTACC sul1 This study
sul1_R CCGCAAGGCTCGCTGGAC sul1 This study
aadA1_R CGATGACGCCAACTACCTCTGATA aadA1internal primer This study
arr2_F ATTGTTGGCGTTGTTGAAGACTGG arr2 internal primer This study
cmlA5_F GAATGGGAATGGGATGCCTGATAG cmlA5 internal primer This study
oxa10_R TTTACAAAGCACGAAGACACCATT blaOXA10 internal primer This study
cmlA_F GCAGGTCGCGAGGAAAGTAATG cmlA 5′ forward primer This study
cmlA_R ACACCGCCCAAGCAGAAGTAGA cmlA 3′ reverse primer This study
blaOXA30_F TCGCAAGAAATAACCCAAAAA blaOXA30 internal primer This study
aacA4_F AAGCGGGGTTTGAGAGG aacA4 forward primer This study
aacA4_R CGCGTACTCCTGGATCGGTTTCTT aacA4 reverse primer This study
dfr_1_F TTTAGGCCAGTTTTTACCCAAGAC dfrA1 internal primer This study
ere_est_R GCGCCAGCAGAATTATCCTTACAT ereA2 internal primer This study
aac(6’)IIC_F CCGCGGGATTGACCAGT aac(6′)IIC internal primer This study
dfrA12_F GCTGCGCATTTTGGTTCC dfrA12 internal primer This study
aadA2_R TGTCATTGCGCTGCCATTCTCC aadA2 internal primer This study
qacH_F GCGTCGCCGTTCTAAATCTGCTAT qacH internal primer This study
aac_R GGGCGCCGGGTGTCTGGAG aacA4 internal primer This study
IS_F GTCACGCCCCGACCATCACCTTCC IS1247 internal primer This study
TNP_F CCGCGCTGGCCGACCTGAAC Transposase A internal primer This study
ere_F CCTAACCGGGCGATTCAA Erythromycin esterase internal primer This study
cmlA_R_internal ATCACACGCCCCATAAAACGAG cmlA internal primer This study
arr_R2 GCGGGATCCAGAACCAGGCGACAT arr-2 internal primer This study
arr_accA_R AGAGCGGCTTTGGTTCC Internal primer arr-2–accA junction This study
ere_F2 CGCTGATTTCGCTGTCCTGA ereA internal primer This study
dfrA17_F AAAAAGGCTAACAAGTCGT dfrA17 internal primer This study
cml_R2 GCTGAATTGTGCTCGCTGTCGTA cml internal primer This study
aadA_con_F CGACATCATYCCGTGGCGTTAT aadA forward consensus primer This study
aadA_con_R CGGCAGCCACATCCTTC aadA reverse consensus primer This study
aacA4_F ATGACCTTGCGATGCTCT aacA4 internal primer This study
aacA4_R CTCGATGGAAGGGTTAGG aacA4 internal primer This study
blaOXA30_F ACACAATACATATCAACTTCGC blaOXA30-aadA internal primer This study
aadA1_R_S GGATAACGCCACGGAATGATGTC aadA1 internal primer This study
albany_PSE1a_F CCTTTGGGGCCACCTACAG blaPSE1 primer This study
albany_PSE1b_F ATCAAAATTATGGGGTTACTTACA blaPSE1 primer This study
albany_dfr1_F ATGGTAGCTATATCGAAGAATGGA dfr primer This study
albany_dfr2_F AAGTACTGGCTATTGCCTTAGGAG dfr primer This study
U7-L12 ACACCTTGAGCAGGGCAAAG SGI1 left junction (15)
104-RJ TGACGAGCTGAAGCGAATTG SGI1 right junction (15)
104-D ACCAGGGCAAAACTACACAG SGI1 right junction (15)

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