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Volume 6, Number 2—April 2000


The bdr Gene Families of the Lyme Disease and Relapsing Fever Spirochetes: Potential Influence on Biology, Pathogenesis, and Evolution

David M. Roberts*, Jason A Carlyon†, Michael Theisen, and Richard T. Marconi*Comments to Author 
Author affiliations: *Medical College of Virginia at Virginia Commonwealth University, School of Medicine, Richmond, Virginia, USA; †Yale School of Medicine, Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut, USA; ‡Statens Serum Institute, Copenhagen, Denmark

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Table 2

Borrelia Bdr homology groups and gene nomenclature

Bdr subfamily designation Species/revised gene designation Accession or TIGR number Previous gene names Ref.
Subfamily A
B. turicatae OZ-1 bdrA1 AF062395 repA (46)
B. turicatae OZ-1 bdrA2 ,A 3,A 4 AF128445-AF128447 none (25)
B. hermsii YOR-1 bdrA1 ,A 2,A 3 AF143473-AF143475 none (25)
B. hermsii HS1 bdrA1 ,A 2 AF143457-AF143458 none (25)
B. hermsii MAN bdrA1 ,A 2 AF143465, AF143467 none (25)
B. parkeri bdrA1 AF143455 none (25)
Subfamily B
B. turicatae OZ-1 bdrB1 ,B 2 ,B 3 ,B 4 ,B 5 AF128448-AF128452 none (24)
B. hermsii MAN bdrB1 ,B 2 ,B 3 AF143463, AF143464, none (25)
Subfamily C
B. parkeri bdrC 1 AF143455 none (25)
B. hermsii MAN bdrC 1,C 2 ,C 3 ,C 4 ,C 5 AF143468-AF143472 none (25)
B. hermsii HS1 bdrC 1,C 2 ,C 3 ,C 4 AF143459-AF143462 none (25)
B. hermsii YOR-1 bdrC 1 AF143476 none (25)
B. parkeri bdrC 2 AF143456 none (25)
Subfamily D
B. burgdorferi B31G bdrD 1 ,D 2 ,D 3 BBL35, BBM34, BBO34 bdrO, bdrK, bdrM (30)
B. burgdorferi B31G bdrD 4,D 5,D 6 BBP34, BBQ42, BBS37 bdrA, bdrV, bdrE (30)
B. burgdorferi B31 bdrD 7 X87201 ORF-E (lp50 allele) (41)
B. burgdorferi B31 bdrD 8 X87127 ORF-E (cp30.5 allele) (41)
B. burgdorferi B31 bdrD 9 U42599 ORF-E (cp18 allele) (41)
B. burgdorferi B31 bdrD 1 0 BBN34 bdrQ (30)
B. burgdorferi B31 bdrD 1 1 BBR35 bdrG (30)
Subfamily E
B. burgdorferi B31G bdrE1 ,E 2 ,E 3 BBL27, BBN27, BBO27 bdrP, none, bdrN (30)
B. burgdorferi B31G bdrE4 ,E 5 ,E 6 BBR27, BBS29, BBQ34 bdrH, bdrF, bdrW (30)
B. burgdorferi 297 bdrE1 ,E 2 U45421, U45422 rep+2.9-1, rep+2.9-2 (42)
B. burgdorferi 297 bdrE3, E 4 U45423, U45424 rep+2.9-3, rep+2.9-4 (42)
B. burgdorferi 297 bdrE5 U45425 rep+2.9-5 (42)
B. burgdorferi 297 bdrE6 AF046998 rep+2.9-8 (45)
B. burgdorferi 297 bdrE7 AF046999 rep+2.9-9 (45)
Subfamily F
B. afzelii DK1 bdrF1 Y08143 p21 (43)
B. burgdorferi B31G bdrF1 ,F 2 ,F 3 BBF03, BBG33, BBH13 bdrS, bdrT, bdrU (30)

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