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Volume 8, Number 9—September 2002


Molecular Epidemiology of Measles Viruses in the United States, 1997–2001

Paul A. Rota*Comments to Author , Stephanie L. Liffick*, Jennifer S. Rota*, Russell S. Katz*, Susan Redd*, Mark Papania*, and William J. Bellini*
Author affiliations: *Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, Georgia, USA;

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Table 1

Summary of virologic surveillance for measles, United States, 1997–2001

Virus/specimena Abbreviation Date Activityb Genotypea Sourcec
MVi/Michigan.USA/3.97 MI3-97 1/97 Sporadic case D5 Japan
MVi/Minnesota.USA/13.97 MN13-97 3/97 Sporadic case H2 Vietnam
MVi/Pennsylvannia.USA/17.97 PA17-97 4/97 Outbreak, 4 cases D4 Unknown
MVi/Florida.USA/15.97/2 FL15-97 4/97 Sporadic case D5 Japan
MVi/Texas.USA/18.97 TX18-97 4/97 Outbreak, 3 cases D6 Europe
MVi/Florida.USA/19.97 FL19-97 5/97 Sporadic case D6 Italy
MVi/California.USA/22.97 CA22-97 5/97 Sporadic case C2 Germany
MVi/Nevada.USA/20.97 NV20-97 5/97 Sporadic case H1 China
MVi/Masschusetts.USA/27.97 MA27-97 7/97 Outbreak, 4 cases D6 Greece/Italy
MVi/Minnesota.USA/33.97 MN33-97 8/97 Outbreak, 5 cases D6 Brazil
MVi/Massachusetts.MA.USA/30.97 MA30-97 7/97 Sporadic case D6 Ukraine
MVi/Pennsylvannia.USA/28.97 PA28-97 7/97 Sporadic case D6 Brazil
MVi/Washington.USA/31.97 WA31-97 7/97 Sporadic case D6 Unknown
MVi/Massachusetts.USA/2.98 MA2-98 1/98 Sporadic case (1) H1 China
MVi/Washington.USA/17.98 WA17-98 4/98 Sporadic case (1) D6 Croatia
MVi/Indiana.USA/16.98 IN16-98 4/98 Outbreak: 3 cases C2 Zimbabwe
MVi/NewYork.USA/16.98 NY16-98 4/98 Sporadic case (1) D6 Germany
MVi/California.USA/23.98 CA23-98 6/98 Sporadic case (1) D5 Japan
MVi/Vermont.USA/28.98 VT28-98 7/98 Sporadic case (1) D6 Cyprus
MVi/Alaska.USA/32.98 AK32-98 9/98 Outbreak: 33 cases D5 Japan
MVi/California.USA/7.99 CA7-99 2/99 Outbreak: 4 cases D4 India
MVi/Washington.USA/12.99 WA12-99 3/99 Outbreak: 3 cases D8 Italy
MVi/Conneticut.USA/16.99 CT16-99 4/99 Sporadic case (1) D4 India
MVi/Texas.USA/28.99 TX28-99 7/99 Outbreak: 3 cases D8 UK
MVi/Virginia.USA/37.99 VA37.99 9/99 Outbreak: 15 cases D4 Kenya
MVi/Illinois.USA/50.99 IL50-99 12/99 Sporadic case D7 Sweden
MVi/Michigan.USA/52.99 MI52-99 12/99 Outbreak: 6 cases D6 UK
MVi/California.USA/1.00 CA1-00 1/00 Sporadic case D4 Japan
MVi/NewYork.USA/7.00 NY7-00 2/00 Outbreak: 9 cases D6 UK
MVi/Washington.USA/6.00 WA6-00 2/00 Sporadic case (1) D5 Japan
MVi/California.USA/8.00 CA8-00 2/00 Sporadic case (1) D6 Turkey
MVi/NewYork.USA/11.00 NY11-00 3/00 Sporadic case D2 Ireland
MVi/Alaska.USA/16.00 AK16-00 4/00 Sporadic case H2 Unknown
MVs/Hawaii.USA/20.00 HI20-00 5/00 Sporadic case D5 Japan
MVs/California.USA/24.00 CA24-00 5/00 Outbreak (5) G2 Unknown
MVs/Florida.USA/25.00 FL25-00 6/00 Sporadic case H1 Unknown
MVi/Vermont.USA/24.00 VT24-00 6/00 Outbreak: 6 cases D4 Ethiopia
MVi/Michigan.USA/35.00 MI35-00 9/00 Sporadic case D5 Unknown
MVi/Kansas.USA/43.00 KS43-00 11/00 Sporadic case D5 Unknown
MVi/California.USA/49.00 CA49-00 12/00 Outbreak: 3 cases D3 Philippines
MVs/Washington.USA/2.01 WA2-01 1/01 Outbreak: 11 cases H1 Korea
MVi/Maryland.USA/5.01 MD5-01 1/01 Outbreak: 4 cases D3 Philippines
MVi/Massachusetts.USA/6.01 MA6-01 2/01 Outbreak: 3 cases D4 Pakistan
MVs/Illinois.USA/5.01 IL5-01 2/01 Sporadic case H1 Korea
MVi/Minnesota.USA/9.01 MN9-01 2/01 Sporadic case H1 Unknown
MVi/Washington.USA/9.01 WA9-01 2/01 Sporadic case H1 China
MVi/California.USA/13.01 CA13-01 3/01 Sporadic (1) D5 Unknown
MVs/Hawaii.USA/22.01 HI22-01 5/01 Sporadic case D5 Unknown
MVs/California.USA/31.01 CA31-01 7/01 Sporadic case D5 Japan
MVi/NewYork.USA/28.01 NY28-01 7/01 Outbreak: 4 cases D5 Japan
MVi/Minnesota.USA/35.01 MN35-01 8/01 Sporadic case D4 Kenya
MVi/Minnesota.USA/36.01 MN36-01 9/01 Sporadic case H2 Unknown
MVs/Arizona.USA/35.01 AZ35-01 9/01 Sporadic case D7 Unknown
MVi/California.USA/38.01/1 CA38-01/1 9/01 Outbreak: 3 cases D7 Europe
MVi/California.USA/38.01/2 CA38-01/2 9/01 Outbreak: 6 cases D7 Unknown

aStrain name and genotypes as recognized by the World Health Organization (20). MVi indicates that sequence was obtained from a viral isolate; MVs indicate sequence was obtained directly from the specimen.
bFor sporadic cases, the number of spread cases is indicated in parentheses.
cSource identified by standard epidemiologic techniques.

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