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Volume 13, Number 4—April 2007


Pneumonic Plague, Northern India, 2002

Manohar Lal Gupta* and Anuradha Sharma*Comments to Author 
Author affiliations: *Indira Gandhi Medical College, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, India;

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Epidemiologic characteristics and laboratory findings of patients with suspected cases of pneumonic plague, India, 2002 (1)*

Patient no. Relation to index patient Age, y/sex Onset of symptoms Outcome Wayson staining Blood 
c/s Sputum c/s Molecular results Serologic results
1 Index patient 35/M Feb 2 Died Feb 5
2 Wife 29/F Feb 6 Died Feb 14 Confirmed Single sample positive
3 Brother 26/M Feb 7 Discharged Mar 8 Yersinia pestis Confirmed Negative
4 Sister 31/F Feb 9 Died Feb 18 Y. pestis Confirmed
5 Sister 27/F Feb 12 Discharged Feb 25 Negative
6 Brother-in-law 35/M Feb 12 Discharged Mar 8 Negative
7 Brother-in-law 35/M Feb 10 Discharged Feb 21 Negative
8 Sister-in-law 38/F Feb 9 Discharged Feb 25 >4-fold rise
9 Companion on hunting trip 36/M Feb 10 Discharged Feb 28 Same titer in paired serum specimens
10 Sister-in-law 37/F Feb 12 Discharged Mar 11 >4-fold rise
11 Relative of sister-in-law 40/F Feb 12 Died Feb 14 Positive Y. pestis Y. pestis Confirmed Negative
12 Aunt 57/F Feb 10 Discharged Mar 4 Positive Negative Y. pestis Negative >4-fold rise
13 Neighbor 46/F Feb 11 Discharged Feb 27 >4-fold rise
14 Son of neighbor 22/M Feb 8 Discharged Feb 27 >4-fold fall
15 Patient hospitalized with epilepsy 47/F Feb 11 Discharged Feb 18 Negative
16 Husband/atten-
dant of patient 15 60/M Feb 11 Discharged Mar 11 Positive Y. pestis Y. pestis >4-fold rise

*c/s, culture/sensitivity; –, sample not submitted; paired serum samples were tested 4 weeks apart.

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