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Volume 16, Number 3—March 2010


Blood Meal Analysis to Identify Reservoir Hosts for Amblyomma americanum Ticks

Brian F. AllanComments to Author , Lisa S. Goessling, Gregory A. Storch, and Robert E. Thach
Author affiliations: Washington University in St. Louis, St. Louis, Missouri, USA (B.F. Allan, L.S. Goessling, R.E. Thach); St. Louis Children’s Hospital, St. Louis (G.A. Storch)

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Table 2

Oligonucleotide sequences of vertebrate probes used in reverse line blot assay

Probe ID Probe name Nucleotide sequence (5′ → 3′) Reference sequence
PRNA010 Aves ccgacctccggggacgc *
PRNA012 Passeriformes gggcccgcccggcagct *
PRNA029 Galliformes gggctcgcccggcggct *
PRNA042 Squamata/testudines cgctgacctccggggatgc Sceloporus undulatus (M36359, M59400), Crotaphytus collaris collaris† (FJ797666), Trachemys scripta† (FJ797668), Scincella lateralis (AY217908), Eumeces fasciatus (AY217920), Elaphe obsoleta† (FJ797667), Heterodon platirhinos (M59392)
PRNA043 Amphibia cgctgacccccagggatgc Rana amurensis (AF542043), R. chensinensis (AY145522), Xenopus laevis (X04025)
PRNA045 Ruminantia ggtcagcctcctcccggc Odocoileus virginianus† (FJ797665), Capreolus capreolus L (AY150545), Cervus elaphus L (AY150547), Bos taurus (AY779625)
PRNA018 Leporidae cgggggggtgggcgccg *
PRNA047 Leporidae/carnivore ggtcagcctccccccggc Sylvilagus floridanus (FJ797663), Procyon lotor† (FJ797659), Felis catus L (AY150542),
PRNA046 Canidae ggtcagcctccctccggc Canis latrans† (FJ797662), Canis lupus familiaris† (FJ797658), C. lupus familiaris (DQ287955), Vulpes vulpes (AY150549)
PRNA026 Sciurus cggtcagcttccccccgg *
PRNA037 Blarina agcctcccctcggctccg Blarina sp.† (FJ797661)
PRNA030 Erinaceus ctccctccggctccggc *
PRNA017 Myodes 1 gagctcccccgcggccc *
PRNA050 Myodes 2 cgacgggcgccgacccc Myodes glareolus (AY150543)
PRNA011 Murinae/gerbilinae ccctcccggctccggccg *
PRNA034 Rattus cggtcagccccctcccgg Rattus norvegicus (X01117)
PRNA033 Mus ccggtgagctccctcccgg Mus musculus (X00686)
PRNA035 Sigmodontinae tcagctccctcccggcccc Peromyscus sp.† (FJ797660), Peromyscus leucopus (AY591913)
PRNA032 Didelphis cggcggcttccccctaacc Didelphis virginiana (J311677)
PRNA048 Mephitis ggtcagcctctccccggc Mephitis mephitis† (FJ797664)

*Designed by Pichon et al. 2003 (13).
†Sequence obtained in this study.

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