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World Rabies Day, September 28

World Rabies Day is sponsored by the Alliance for Rabies Control and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  Safe and effective vaccines are available to reduce the impact of human and animal rabies and help prevent the disease in animals.

Emerging Infectious Diseases Podcasts

Rabies in Captive Deer

Dr. Brett Petersen, a medical officer at CDC, discusses rabies in captive deer.

View full-text article: Rabies in Captive Deer, Pennsylvania, USA, 2007–2010

Terrestrial Rabies and Human Postexposure Prophylaxis, New York, USA

This podcast describes a 10-year study of the use of postexposure prophylaxis (PEP) for rabies in New York State. CDC's Dr. Brett Petersen discusses the prevalence of rabies in the United States and how the study lends support to recent changes in the recommended PEP protocol.

View full-text article: Terrestrial Rabies and Human Postexposure Prophylaxis, New York, USA

Rabies Elimination in Dogs in the United States

Rabies has been eliminated from dogs in the United States through efforts to promote annual vaccination, but it's still a problem in wildlife in the U.S. and in wild and domesticated animals abroad. In this podcast, CDC's Dr. Charles Rupprecht discusses a study which provides proof of the elimination of rabies in dogs and what this means for the average American.

View full-text article: Enzootic Rabies Elimination from Dogs and Reemergence in Wild Terrestrial Carnivores, United States

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