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Ebola Outbreak: Airport, Border, & Port of Entry Resources for Use by International Partners

CDC has developed materials related to the Ebola outbreak response for use at airports, borders, and with port of entry partners. These items are currently being used by the CDC and other US government agencies to prevent the spread of Ebola through efforts at international and US ports of entry.

Governments and agencies outside the United States are welcome to use these materials as templates to assist in developing border health measures for the Ebola outbreak. It may be necessary to adapt the materials to better fit a specific country’s needs. CDC asks that partners remove CDC logos and contact information when adapting to better facilitate use outside the United States.

Information for Use at Airports

  • Includes passenger screening materials, posters and handouts for communicating with travelers at airports, and airport worker communication and training tools.

Information for Airlines

  • Includes airline Ebola guidance and airline worker communication and training tools

Information for Cargo Ships

  • Includes interim guidance for cargo ships on monitoring exposed crew and managing suspected cases of Ebola onboard

Information for Cruise Ships

  • Includes interim guidance for cruise ship staff on screening for potential exposure to and management of suspected Ebola prior to boarding or aboard a cruise ship.

Information for Travelers

  • Includes travel notices and guidance for specific types of travelers such as humanitarian aid workers.

Other Graphic Ebola Print Resources

  • Including posters, infographics, banners and brochures related to prevention, transmission, symptoms, and other topics

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