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Appendix B: Essential Electronic Resources for the Travel Medicine Practitioner

David O. Freedman, Katherine J. Johnson


A variety of electronic resources is available for practitioners who provide pre- and post-travel medical care for international travelers (Table B-01). Checking >1 authoritative website on a specific issue is always recommended. Authoritative recommendations may contain some element of opinion, and some sites are updated more frequently than others. Practitioners should check the indicator at the bottom of each page stating when the last update was done.


Electronic distribution lists (such as Listserv) use e-mail with or without a browser-based interface. Some lists are set up to provide information only. Others promote active discussion among members, whereby anyone who has joined a particular group can e-mail a posting to a central server, which is then disseminated to all members who have subscribed to the same list. On a moderated list, each posting is reviewed and accepted by a moderator or editor, while unmoderated lists disseminate each posting instantly to all other subscribers. TravelMed is an example of an unmoderated list, which focuses on issues related to the practice of travel medicine (see for further information). CDC’s website provides an information-only e-mail notification system called GovDelivery on a variety of health topics, including updates to the CDC Travelers’ Health website. For more information or to subscribe, see

Another common form of electronic notification is RSS (Really Simple Syndication). Many websites provide RSS feeds that instantly inform users when updates are made. To receive feeds, users must have an RSS reader on their computer or mobile device. Readers are commonly available as embedded features of most web browsers and e-mail applications or can be downloaded from commercial organizations. Users can customize notification settings to send multiple feeds directly to their e-mail account, or they can view feeds through their web browser, desktop, or mobile device.

Many of the resources below provide RSS feeds. CDC Travelers’ Health generates feeds on 2 topics: travel notices and updates to the Yellow Book. For more information, see Table B-02 highlights a subset of primary resources that provide RSS feeds that may be useful to travel medicine practitioners. Check the resources in Table B-01 for more information or updates through e-mail lists and other social media.

Note: Tables B-01 and B-02 provide a representative but by no means exclusive sampling of resources that may be useful to the travel medicine practitioner. Brief descriptions of selected websites have been included to highlight resources that may be of particular interest. Please be advised that website URLs and content may change at any time.

Table B-01. Selected websites for the travel medicine practitioner

Authoritative Travel Medicine Recommendations
CDC Travelers’ Health Homepage
Includes current travel health notices, disease- and destination-specific health recommendations, and guidance on a variety of topics in travel medicine
CDC Travelers’ Health Yellow Book Homepage
Includes a searchable version of CDC Health Information for International Travel 2014 (“The Yellow Book”) and a list of any updates occurring between print editions
US Department of State Bureau of Consular Services
US Department of State country-specific information, travel warnings, and travel alerts
WHO international travel and health homepage
Includes the current edition of the International Travel and Health (“Green Book”) publication, disease updates for travelers, International Health Regulations documents, and other disease-specific information
The Practice of Travel Medicine: Guidelines by the Infectious Diseases Society of America
US Department of Transportation aircraft disinsection requirements
Emerging Diseases and Oubreaks
WHO Global Alert and Response (GAR) homepage
Includes current Disease Outbreak News and outbreaks sorted by country, disease, and year
CDC Health Alert Network Message Archive
GeoSentinel Surveillance Network of the International Society of Travel Medicine and CDC
ProMED-mail: program for monitoring emerging diseases
Includes moderated reporting of global infectious diseases and acute exposure to toxins
HealthMap: Global Disease Alert Map
Global Health Facts (Kaiser Family Foundation portal for information on the US role in global health)
Surveillance and Epidemiologic Bulletins
CDC MMWR Weekly, Recommendations and Reports, and Surveillance Summaries
WHO Weekly Epidemiological Record
PAHO list of links to National Bulletins in the Americas
PAHO list of Ministries of Health in the Americas
WHO list of links to national travel and health websites
Zoonotic disease surveillance: World Organization for Animal Health
ECDC Communicable Disease Threat Report (weekly) reports/Communicable-Disease-Threats-Report/ Pages/Communicable-Disease-Threats-Report. aspx
Caribbean Epidemiology Centre
ReliefWeb: administered by the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
Includes information on humanitarian emergencies and natural disasters from a variety of UN agencies and other sources
WHO Crises and Emergencies: health-related situational updates
EpiNorth Europe
EpiSouth Europe
Vaccine Resources
US Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP): recommendations on individual vaccines
CDC vaccine information statements (VIS) for patients: fact sheets to download
CDC information on vaccination shortages
American Academy of Pediatrics table on status of licensure and recommendations for new vaccines
CDC Pink Book: Epidemiology and Prevention of Vaccine-Preventable Diseases
Includes an online version of the current edition, updates to the print edition, slide sets, and selected chapters from earlier editions
Immunization Action Coalition—Directory of Vaccine Resources
Translation of international vaccine-related terms into English (PDF)
Vaccine-preventable disease terms in multiple languages (PDF)
Vaccine information from the Immunization Action Coalition
WHO immunization, vaccines, and biologics
Includes links to national, regional, and international resources providing immunization information
WHO country-specific routine immunization schedules
Program for Appropriate Technology in Health (PATH) vaccine resource library
Consumer-Oriented Travel Health Information and Products
High Altitude Medicine Guide
Travel Health Online
Chinook Medical Gear, Inc.
Magellan’s Travel Supplies
Travel Medicine, Inc.
Overseas Medical and Safety Assistance
U.S. Department of State medical information for Americans abroad
International Association for Medical Assistance to Travellers
International SOS: medical and security solutions, products, and assistance
MEDEX: worldiwde travel assistance and international medical insurance
Maps and Country Information
US Overseas Security Advisory Council
Includes current US Department of State travel alerts, travel warnings, embassy Warden Messages, and safety and security resources
US Central Intelligence Agency: The World Factbook
U.S. Department of State Background Notes
US Federal Aviation Administration data on air safety standards in foreign countries
European Commission Air Safety portal
Falling Rain global gazetteer and place name altitude finder
Association for Safe International Road Travel
UN maps
Perry Castañeda Library map collection
Nations Online: destination guide to countries and nations
GeoNames geographic database
Lonely Planet travel information
Disability Information
MossRehab ResourceNet: accessible travel
US Department of Transportation Aviation Consumer Protection and Enforcement
Society for Accessible Travel and Hospitality
Mobility International USA
Professional Medical Societies with a Focus on Travelers’ Health
International Society of Travel Medicine
American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene
Infectious Diseases Society of America
Pediatric Infectious Diseases Society
Divers Alert Network
Wilderness Medical Society
Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society
American Travel Health Nurses Association
Christian Medical and Dental Associations
Disease Information
CDC diseases and conditions: A-Z List
WHO health topics: A-Z list
PAHO health topics: A-Z list
Oxford Malaria Atlas Project
CDC Malaria Map Application
CDC influenza homepage
Includes information about seasonal influenza, avian influenza, and others
US Tropical Medicine Central Resource Tropical Radiology Atlas
WHO Rabies Bulletin: Europe
WHO water supply and sanitation assessment
WHO Global Schistosomiasis Atlas
Global Polio Eradication Initiative
General Travel Aids
Embassies in the United States
Embassies in the United States web links
Times around the World
Tourism Offices Worldwide Directory
Visa/Plus ATM Locator
MasterCard/Cirrus ATM Locator
U.S. Organizations Offering Training in Travel Medicine
International Society of Travel Medicine
American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene
Gorgas Memorial Institute
Tulane Department of Tropical Medicine
University of Washington School of Medicine
University of Minnesota Department of Medicine

Abbreviations: WHO, World Health Organization; MMWR, Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report; PAHO, Pan American Health Organization; ECDC, European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control; UN, United Nations; ATM, automated teller machine.

Table B-02. Selected travel medicine resources providing RSS feeds

CDC Travelers’ Health
Feeds include travel notices, updates to the Yellow Book
CDC [agencywide]
Feeds on a variety of health topics
US Department of State
Feeds include travel warnings, travel alerts, country-specific information, country background notes
World Health Organization
Feeds include emergencies and disasters news, disease outbreaks, avian influenza
Pan American Health Organization
Feed for the latest news headlines from the organization
CDC MMWR Weekly, Recommendations and Reports, and Surveillance Summaries
Feed for current MMWR headlines
Zoonotic disease surveillance: World Organization for Animal Health
Feeds for subscribers to receive Immediate Notifications and Follow-up Reports for animal and disease categories of interest
Feeds from ProMED monitoring emerging diseases
Feed for website updates
US Central Intelligence Agency: The World Factbook
Feeds on various topics, including CIA press releases and statements, featured stories, careers, library, kids’ page updates
ReliefWeb: administered by the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
Feeds of new website content for user-selected topics
Divers Alert Network
Feeds include news items, upcoming events, and medical frequently asked questions
International Association for Medical Assistance to Travelers
Feed including recent blog posts

Abbreviations: MMWR, Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report.


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