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Volume 11, Number 12—December 2005


Porcine Noroviruses Related to Human Noroviruses

Qiu-Hong Wang*, Myung Guk Han*, Sonia Cheetham*, Menira Souza*, Julie A. Funk†, and Linda J. Saif*Comments to Author 
Author affiliations: *The Ohio State University, Wooster, Ohio, USA; †The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, USA

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Table 1

Classification and GenBank accession numbers of norovirus (NoV) strains used for sequence analysis*

Strain Genus/genogroup-genotype Abbreviation GenBank accession no.
Hu/Norwalk/68/US NoV/GI-1 Norwalk M87661
Hu/Hawaii/71/US NoV/GII-1 Hawaii U07611
Hu/Melksham/89/UK NoV/GII-2 Melksham X81879
Hu/Snow Mountain/76/US NoV/GII-2† Snow Mountain AY134748
Hu/Mexico/89/MX NoV/GII-3 Mexico U22498
Hu/Toronto/91/CA NoV/GII-3 Toronto U02030
Hu/SaitamaU18/97-99/JP NoV/GII-3 SaitamaU18 AB039781
Hu/SaitamaU201/98/JP NoV/GII-3 SaitamaU201 AB039782
Hu/Arg320/ARG NoV/GII-3† Arg320 AF190817
Hu/Camberwell/101922/94/AUS NoV/GII-4 Camberwell AF145896
Hu/Lordsdale/93/UK NoV/GII-4 Lordsdale X86557
Hu/Bristol/93/UK NoV/GII-4 Bristol X76716
Hu/MD145-12/87/US NoV/GII-4 MD145 AY032605
Hu/Farmington Hills/02/US NoV/GII-4 Farmington Hills AY502023
Hu/Langen1061/02/DE NoV/GII-4 Langen AY485642
Hu/Hillingdon/93/UK NoV/GII-5 Hillingdon AJ277607
Hu/New Orleans 306/94/US NoV/GII-5 New Orleans AF414422
Hu/Baltimore/274/1993/US NoV/GII-6 Baltimore AF414408
Hu/SaitamaU3/97/JP NoV/GII-6 SaitamaU3 AB039776
Hu/SaitamaU4/97/JP NoV/GII-6 SaitamaU4 AB039777
Hu/SaitamaU16/97/JP NoV/GII-6 SaitamaU16 AB039778
Hu/SaitamaU17/97/JP NoV/GII-6 SaitamaU17 AB039779
Hu/Seacroft/90/UK NoV/GII-6† Seacroft AJ277620
Hu/Leeds/90/UK NoV/GII-7 Leeds AJ277608
Hu/Gwynedd/273/94/US NoV/GII-7 Gwynedd AF414409
Hu/Amsterdam/98-18/98/NET NoV/GII-8 Amsterdam AF195848
Hu/SaitamaU25/97-99/JP NoV/GII-8 SaitamaU25 AB039780
Hu/VA97207/97/US NoV/GII-9‡ VA97207 AY038599
Hu/NLV/Erfurt/546/00/DE NoV/GII-10 Erfurt AF427118
Hu/Mc37/00-01/THA NoV/GII-10† Mc37 AY237415
Po/Sw43/97/JP NoV/GII-11 Sw43 AB074892
Po/Sw918/97/JP NoV/GII-11 Sw918 AB074893
Po/MI-QW48/02/US NoV/GII-11 QW48 AY823303
Hu/Gifu/96/JP NoV/GII-12‡ Gifu AB045603
HU/Wortley/90/UK NoV/GII-12† Wortley AJ277618
Hu/SaitamaU1/97-99/JP NoV/GII-12† SaitamaU1 AB039775
Hu/Fayetteville/98/US NoV/GII-13 Fayetteville AY113106
Hu/M7/99/US NoV/GII-14 M7 AY130761
Hu/J23/99/US NoV/GII-15 J23 AY130762
Hu/Tiffin/99/US NoV/GII-16 Tiffin AY502010
Hu/Neustrelitz260/00/DE NoV/GII-16 Neustrelitz AY772730
Hu/CS-E1/02/US NoV/GII-17 CS-E1 AY502009
Po/OH-QW101/03/US NoV/GII-18 QW101 AY823304
Po/OH-QW125/03/US NoV/GII-18 QW125 AY823305
Po/OH-QW170/03/US NoV/GII-19‡ QW170 AY823306
Po/OH-QW218/03/US NoV/GII-19‡ QW218 AY823307
Bo/Newbury-2/76/UK NoV/GIII-2 Newbury-2 AF097917
Hu/Alphatron/98-2/98/NET NoV/GIV Alphatron AF195847
Mu/MNV-1/03/US NoV/GV MNV-1 AY228235

*Classification is based on the capsid gene sequences. The 5 porcine NoV strains sequenced in this study are in boldface.

†Previously reported recombinants (2024).

‡Potential recombinants found in this study.

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