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Volume 12, Number 5—May 2006


Novel Swine Influenza Virus Subtype H3N1, United States

Porntippa Lekcharoensuk*1, Kelly M. Lager*, Ramesh Vemulapalli†, Mary Woodruff†, Amy L. Vincent*, and Jürgen A. Richt*Comments to Author 
Author affiliations: *US Department of Agriculture, Ames, Iowa, USA; †Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana, USA

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Table 2

Results of Megablast nucleotide analyses of influenza A viruses with the best match of each gene with the H3N1 swine influenza viruses*

Gene A/SW/MI/PU243/04
Virus Subtype % identity Virus Subtype % identity
PB2 A/SW/IL/10084/01 H1N2 98.20 A/SW/IL/10084/01 H1N2 98.20
PB1 A/SW/IA/930/01 H1N2 98.37 A/SW/IA/930/01 H1N2 97.93
PA A/SW/IA/569/99 H3N2 97.21 A/SW/IA/569/99 H3N2 97.02
HA A/TK/NC/12344/03 H3N2 96.91 A/TK/NC/12344/03 H3N2 97.42
NP A/SW/OH/891/01 H1N2 98.96 A/SW/OH/891/01 H1N2 98.46
NA A/WI/10/98 H1N1 95.54 A/WI/10/98 H1N1 93.78
M A/TK/NC/12344/03 H3N2 98.78 A/SW/IN/14810-S/01 H1N2 99.48
NS A/SW/IN/14810-S/01 H1N2 99.24 A/SW/IN/14810-S/01 H1N2 99.05

*Accession numbers: A/SW/MI/PU243/04 PB2 (DQ150422), PB1 (DQ150423), PA (DQ150424), HA (DQ150425), NP (DQ150426), NA (DQ150427), M (DQ150428), and NS (DQ150429); A/SW/IN/PU542/04 PB2 (DQ150430), PB1 (DQ150431), PA (DQ150432), HA (DQ150433), NP (DQ150434), NA (DQ150435), M (DQ150436), and NS (DQ150437); A/SW/IL/10084/01 PB2 (AF455738); A/SW/IA/930/01 PB1(AF455727); A/SW/IA/569/99 PA (AF251425); A/TK/NC/12344/03 HA (AY779253) and M (AY779257); A/SW/OH/891/01 NP (AF455699); A/WI/10/98 NA (AF342820); A/SW/IN/14810-S/01 M (AY060071) and NS (AY060136).

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1Current affiliation: Kasetsart University, Bangkok, Thailand

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