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Volume 14, Number 5—May 2008


Human Astrovirus Gastroenteritis in Children, Madagascar, 2004–2005

Dimitrios C. Papaventsis*, Winifred Dove*, Nigel A. Cunliffe*Comments to Author , Osamu Nakagomi*†, Patrice Combe, Pierre Grosjean, and C. Anthony Hart*1
Author affiliations: *University of Liverpool, Liverpool, UK; †Nagasaki University, Nagasaki, Japan; and ‡Institut Pasteur, Antananarivo, Madagascar;

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Detection of human astrovirus in fecal specimens from children of Antananarivo, Madagascar, 2004–2005*

Sample no.
ID no. (GenBank accession no.)
Sample date
Patient age, mo/sex
Norovirus PCR
Rotavirus PCR
PCR 340/348
PCR 244/245
PCR 269/270
Sequence typing
1 DT1004 (EF490429) 2004 Jun 12/M Neg G2P[4] Pos Neg Neg Type 1
2 DG6013 (EF490425) 2004 Jun 10/F Neg Neg Pos Neg Neg Type 3
3 DR0034 (EF490427) 2004 Nov 10/M Neg Neg Pos Neg Neg Type 8
4 DR0038 (EF490428, EF519312) 2004 Nov 5/M Neg G2P[4] Pos Pos Neg Type 8 Type 2
5 DR0075 (EF490426) 2005 Feb 21/M Neg Neg Pos Neg Neg Type 3

*ID, identification; ORF, open reading frame; Neg, negative; Pos, positive; –, not amplified.

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