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Volume 15—2009

Volume 15, Number 12—December 2009

Volume 15, Number 11—November 2009

image of the 'Thumbnail' version of the Volume 15, Number 11—November 2009 cover of the CDC's EID journal
Low Immunity to Measles and Rubella among Female Guest Workers, Northern Mariana Islands PDF Version [PDF - 152 KB - 3 pages]
V. Stambos et al.
Persistent Extended-Spectrum β-Lactamase Urinary Tract Infection PDF Version [PDF - 174 KB - 3 pages]
J. DeBusscher et al.
Dengue Virus Type 3 Infection in Traveler Returning from West Africa PDF Version [PDF - 140 KB - 2 pages]
L. Ninove et al.
Pneumonia Caused by Shigella sonnei in Man Returned from India PDF Version [PDF - 153 KB - 3 pages]
F. Mancini et al.
Leishmania killicki Imported from Tunisian Desert PDF Version [PDF - 148 KB - 2 pages]
D. Maubon et al.
Hajj Pilgrims’ Knowledge about Acute Respiratory Infections PDF Version [PDF - 151 KB - 2 pages]
P. Gautret et al.
Cutaneous Larva Migrans Acquired in Brittany, France PDF Version [PDF - 180 KB - 3 pages]
N. Tamminga et al.
Gastroenteritis Outbreaks in 2 Tourist Resorts, Dominican Republic PDF Version [PDF - 164 KB - 2 pages]
A. Doménech-Sánchez et al.
Hybrid El Tor Vibrio cholerae O1, Kuwait PDF Version [PDF - 261 KB - 2 pages]
R. M. Joshi and M. Albert
East African Trypanosomiasis in a Pregnant Traveler PDF Version [PDF - 167 KB - 2 pages]
B. Nadjm et al.
Imported Chikungunya Virus Strains, Taiwan, 2006–2009
J. Huang et al.
Multidrug-Resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis Strain from Equatorial Guinea Detected in Spain PDF Version [PDF - 193 KB - 3 pages]
P. Gavín et al.
Imported Human Fascioliasis, United Kingdom PDF Version [PDF - 153 KB - 2 pages]
M. A. Chand et al.
Rickettsia africae Infection in Man after Travel to Ethiopia PDF Version [PDF - 217 KB - 3 pages]
D. Stephany et al.
Rickettsia massiliae in the Canary Islands PDF Version [PDF - 146 KB - 2 pages]
I. G. Fernández de Mera et al.
Preexisting Immunity to Pandemic (H1N1) 2009 PDF Version [PDF - 158 KB - 3 pages]
Z. Xing and C. J. Cardona
Antiviral Drugs for Treatment of Patients Infected with Pandemic (H1N1) 2009 Virus PDF Version [PDF - 143 KB - 2 pages]
D. M. Hartley et al.
Imported Ciprofloxacin-Resistant Neisseria meningitidis PDF Version [PDF - 209 KB - 3 pages]
G. Lapadula et al.
Serologic Survey of Pandemic (H1N1) 2009 Virus, Guangxi Province, China PDF Version [PDF - 143 KB - 3 pages]
H. Chen et al.
European Perspective of 2-Person Rule for Biosafety Level 4 Laboratories PDF Version [PDF - 140 KB - 3 pages]
G. Ippolito et al.

Volume 15, Number 10—October 2009

image of the 'Thumbnail' version of the Volume 15, Number 10—October 2009 cover of the CDC's EID journal
Group B Streptococcus Meningitis in a Child with Cochlear Implant PDF Version [PDF - 360 KB - 2 pages]
D. Glikman et al.
Intrafamilial Transmission of Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus PDF Version [PDF - 377 KB - 3 pages]
S. A. Langhi et al.
Japanese Encephalitis in Hill and Mountain Districts, Nepal PDF Version [PDF - 330 KB - 2 pages]
A. Bhattachan et al.
Nontuberculous Mycobacterium Infection and Tumor Necrosis Factor-α Antagonists PDF Version [PDF - 354 KB - 2 pages]
R. M. Swart et al.
Ceftazidime-Resistant Salmonella enterica, Morocco PDF Version [PDF - 336 KB - 3 pages]
B. Bouchrif et al.
Human Bocavirus 2 in Children, South Korea PDF Version [PDF - 398 KB - 3 pages]
T. Han et al.
Aichi Virus Strains in Children with Gastroenteritis, China PDF Version [PDF - 438 KB - 3 pages]
S. Yang et al.
Severe Necrotizing Pneumonia in Children, Houston, Texas, USA PDF Version [PDF - 377 KB - 3 pages]
A. S. Kalaskar et al.
Rhombencephalitis and Coxsackievirus A16 PDF Version [PDF - 373 KB - 3 pages]
K. Goto et al.
Transmission of Varicella Vaccine Virus, Japan PDF Version [PDF - 369 KB - 2 pages]
T. Otsuka et al.
Lessons from a Special Service for Public Health, Brazil PDF Version [PDF - 322 KB - 1 page]
A. L. Mayberry and T. D. Baker
Maximizing the Value of Drug Stockpiles for Pandemic Influenza PDF Version [PDF - 337 KB - 2 pages]
A. L. Po et al.
Appropriate Screening for Leishmaniasis before Immunosuppressive Treatments PDF Version [PDF - 317 KB - 2 pages]
A. Cascio and C. Iaria
Influenza (H1N1) 2009 Outbreak and School Closure, Osaka Prefecture, Japan PDF Version [PDF - 321 KB - 1 page]
R. Kawaguchi et al.

Volume 15, Number 9—September 2009

Volume 15, Number 8—August 2009

image of the 'Thumbnail' version of the Volume 15, Number 8—August 2009 cover of the CDC's EID journal
Pigs as Source for Toxigenic Corynebacterium ulcerans PDF Version [PDF - 349 KB - 2 pages]
R. Schuhegger et al.
Enzootic Sparganosis in Guangdong, People’s Republic of China PDF Version [PDF - 342 KB - 2 pages]
M. Li et al.
Tick-Borne Rickettsiosis in Traveler Returning from Honduras PDF Version [PDF - 403 KB - 3 pages]
L. H. Chen and M. E. Wilson
Potential Malaria Reemergence, Northeastern Thailand PDF Version [PDF - 342 KB - 2 pages]
T. Petney et al.
Past, Present, and Future of Japanese Encephalitis PDF Version [PDF - 326 KB - 8 pages]
S. L. Hills and D. C. Phillips
Extreme Drug Resistance in Acinetobacter baumannii Infections in Intensive Care Units, South Korea
Y. K. Park et al.
Human-to-Dog Transmission of Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus PDF Version [PDF - 426 KB - 3 pages]
B. E. Rutland et al.
More Diseases Tracked by Using Google Trends PDF Version [PDF - 360 KB - 2 pages]
C. Pelat et al.
Human Rhinovirus Group C in Hospitalized Children, Singapore PDF Version [PDF - 416 KB - 3 pages]
B. Tan et al.
KI and WU Polyomaviruses in Patients Infected with HIV-1, Italy PDF Version [PDF - 401 KB - 3 pages]
M. Babakir-Mina et al.
Nondominant Hemisphere Encephalitis in Patient with Signs of Viral Meningitis, New York, USA PDF Version [PDF - 372 KB - 2 pages]
D. S. Asnis and N. Niazi
Fatal Borreliosis in Bat Caused by Relapsing Fever Spirochete, United Kingdom PDF Version [PDF - 438 KB - 3 pages]
N. J. Evans et al.
Campylobacter jejuni HS:23 and Guillain-Barré Syndrome, Bangladesh PDF Version [PDF - 380 KB - 3 pages]
Z. Islam et al.

Volume 15, Number 7—July 2009

image of the 'Thumbnail' version of the Volume 15, Number 7—July 2009 cover of the CDC's EID journal
Rapid Increase of Scrub Typhus, South Korea, 2001–2006 PDF Version [PDF - 435 KB - 3 pages]
S. Kweon et al.
Arcanobacterium pyogenes Sepsis in Farmer, Brazil PDF Version [PDF - 348 KB - 2 pages]
C. E. Levy et al.
Varibaculum cambriense Infections in Hong Kong, China, 2006 PDF Version [PDF - 393 KB - 3 pages]
Y. Chu et al.
Acanthamoeba spp. in Urine of Critically Ill Patients PDF Version [PDF - 372 KB - 3 pages]
L. C. Santos et al.
Bartonella rochalimae and Other Bartonella spp. in Fleas, Chile PDF Version [PDF - 432 KB - 3 pages]
L. Pérez-Martínez et al.
Ranavirus Outbreak in North American Bullfrogs (Rana catesbeiana), Japan, 2008 PDF Version [PDF - 344 KB - 2 pages]
Y. Une et al.
Spread of Cantagalo Virus to Northern Brazil PDF Version [PDF - 343 KB - 2 pages]
M. L. Medaglia et al.
Reactivation of Bovine Tuberculosis in Patient Treated with Infliximab, Switzerland PDF Version [PDF - 349 KB - 2 pages]
M. Nager et al.
Rickettsia felis Infection in Man, France PDF Version [PDF - 398 KB - 2 pages]
A. Renvoisé et al.
Maternal Antibody Transfer in Yellow-legged Gulls PDF Version [PDF - 342 KB - 3 pages]
J. M. Pearce-Duvet et al.
Sensitivity of Andes Hantavirus to Antiviral Effect of Human Saliva PDF Version [PDF - 372 KB - 3 pages]
J. Hardestam et al.
Chitinophaga terrae Bacteremia in Human PDF Version [PDF - 417 KB - 2 pages]
L. Crémet et al.
Outbreaks of Hemotrophic Mycoplasma Infections in China PDF Version [PDF - 337 KB - 2 pages]
Z. Hu et al.
Fatal Algaemia in Patient with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia PDF Version [PDF - 389 KB - 2 pages]
P. Lanotte et al.
Immunoglobulin G in Ebola Outbreak Survivors, Gabon PDF Version [PDF - 370 KB - 2 pages]
N. Wauquier et al.
Prevalence of Human Bocavirus in Human Tonsils and Adenoids PDF Version [PDF - 343 KB - 2 pages]
N. Clément et al.

Volume 15, Number 6—June 2009

image of the 'Thumbnail' version of the Volume 15, Number 6—June 2009 cover of the CDC's EID journal
Angiostrongyliasis in the Americas PDF Version [PDF - 331 KB - 1 page]
A. J. Dorta-Contreras et al.
Wohlfahrtiimonas chitiniclastica Bacteremia in Homeless Woman PDF Version [PDF - 356 KB - 3 pages]
S. Rebaudet et al.
Increase in Group G Streptococcal Infections in a Community Hospital, New York, USA
S. S. Wong et al.
Extensively Drug-Resistant Acinetobacter baumannii PDF Version [PDF - 379 KB - 3 pages]
Y. Doi et al.
Meningitis and Radiculomyelitis Caused by Angiostrongylus cantonensis PDF Version [PDF - 450 KB - 3 pages]
T. Maretić et al.
Serologic Screening for Neospora caninum, France PDF Version [PDF - 358 KB - 2 pages]
F. Robert-Gangneux and F. Klein
Bedbugs and Healthcare-associated Dermatitis, France PDF Version [PDF - 381 KB - 2 pages]
P. Delaunay et al.
Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever, Southwestern Bulgaria PDF Version [PDF - 437 KB - 3 pages]
I. Christova et al.
Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus USA400 Clone, Italy PDF Version [PDF - 336 KB - 2 pages]
C. Vignaroli et al.
Escherichia coli and Klebsiella pneumoniae Carbapenemase in Long-term Care Facility, Illinois, USA PDF Version [PDF - 350 KB - 2 pages]
M. McGuinn et al.
Religious Opposition to Polio Vaccination PDF Version [PDF - 329 KB - 1 page]
H. J. Warraich
New Saffold Cardiovirus in Children, China PDF Version [PDF - 387 KB - 2 pages]
Z. Xu et al.
Recurrent Human Rhinovirus Infections in Infants with Refractory Wheezing PDF Version [PDF - 378 KB - 3 pages]
P. Linsuwanon et al.
Cryptosporidium Pig Genotype II in Immunocompetent Man PDF Version [PDF - 393 KB - 2 pages]
M. Kváč et al.

Volume 15, Number 5—May 2009

image of the 'Thumbnail' version of the Volume 15, Number 5—May 2009 cover of the CDC's EID journal
Pulmonary Involvement and Leptospirosis, Greece PDF Version [PDF - 119 KB - 2 pages]
A. Papa et al.
Acceptance of Public Health Measures by Air Travelers, Switzerland PDF Version [PDF - 132 KB - 2 pages]
N. Senpinar-Brunner et al.
Acute Diarrhea in Children after 2004 Tsunami, Andaman Islands PDF Version [PDF - 127 KB - 2 pages]
S. Roy et al.
Campylobacter jejuni in Penguins, Antarctica PDF Version [PDF - 178 KB - 3 pages]
P. Griekspoor et al.
Postoperative Panophthalmitis Caused by Whipple Disease PDF Version [PDF - 145 KB - 3 pages]
M. Drancourt et al.
Chikungunya Outbreak, Singapore, 2008 PDF Version [PDF - 122 KB - 2 pages]
Y. S. Leo et al.
Community-acquired Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus ST398 Infection, Italy PDF Version [PDF - 140 KB - 3 pages]
A. Pan et al.
Cryptosporidium Rabbit Genotype, a Newly Identified Human Pathogen PDF Version [PDF - 139 KB - 2 pages]
R. M. Chalmers et al.
Bovine Kobuvirus in Europe PDF Version [PDF - 140 KB - 2 pages]
G. Reuter and L. Egyed
Distinct Ecologically Relevant Strains of Anaplasma phagocytophilum PDF Version [PDF - 120 KB - 4 pages]
J. E. Foley et al.
Candidate Porcine Kobuvirus, China PDF Version [PDF - 171 KB - 3 pages]
J. Yu et al.
Klebsiella pneumoniae Carbapenemase, Canada PDF Version [PDF - 162 KB - 3 pages]
D. R. Pillai et al.
Population-Attributable Risk Estimates for Campylobacter Infection, Australia PDF Version [PDF - 320 KB - 3 pages]
I. Gillespie
Use of Templates to Identify Source of Norovirus Outbreak PDF Version [PDF - 139 KB - 2 pages]
J. Liko and W. E. Keene
Ovine Herpesvirus 2 Infection in Foal, Brazil PDF Version [PDF - 188 KB - 2 pages]
É. A. Costa et al.
Epidemiologic Questions from Anthrax Outbreak, Hunter Valley, Australia PDF Version [PDF - 149 KB - 3 pages]
D. N. Durrheim et al.
Near-Fatal Multiple Organ Dysfunction Syndrome Induced by Plasmodium malariae PDF Version [PDF - 150 KB - 3 pages]
P. Descheemaeker et al.
Vancomycin-Resistant Enterococci, Point Barrow, Alaska, USA PDF Version [PDF - 139 KB - 2 pages]
M. Drobni et al.

Volume 15, Number 4—April 2009

image of the 'Thumbnail' version of the Volume 15, Number 4—April 2009 cover of the CDC's EID journal
Avian Influenza Risk Perception among Poultry Workers, Nigeria PDF Version [PDF - 69 KB - 2 pages]
F. O. Fasina et al.
Spotted Fever Group Rickettsia sp. Closely Related to R. japonica, Thailand PDF Version [PDF - 114 KB - 2 pages]
N. Takada et al.
Leptospira noguchii and Human and Animal Leptospirosis, Southern Brazil PDF Version [PDF - 112 KB - 3 pages]
É. F. Silva et al.
Chagasic Cardiomyopathy in Immigrants from Latin America to Spain PDF Version [PDF - 68 KB - 2 pages]
A. Pérez de Ayala et al.
Lobomycosis in Inshore and Estuarine Dolphins PDF Version [PDF - 167 KB - 2 pages]
A. E. Paniz-Mondolfi and L. Sander-Hoffmann
Mycobacterium avium subsp. hominissuis Infection in a Pet Parrot PDF Version [PDF - 80 KB - 3 pages]
E. J. Shitaye et al.
Correlation between Buruli Ulcer and Vector-borne Notifiable Diseases, Victoria, Australia PDF Version [PDF - 67 KB - 2 pages]
P. D. Johnson and C. J. Lavender
Aquaculture and Florfenicol Resistance in Salmonella enterica Serovar Typhimurium DT104 PDF Version [PDF - 120 KB - 2 pages]
F. C. Cabello
Leishmaniasis in Chaparé, Bolivia PDF Version [PDF - 189 KB - 3 pages]
E. Rojas et al.
Hepatitis C Virus in Blood Donors, Brazil PDF Version [PDF - 157 KB - 3 pages]
K. L. Torres et al.
Variations in Leprosy Manifestations among HIV-Positive Patients, Manaus, Brazil PDF Version [PDF - 166 KB - 2 pages]
C. Talhari et al.
Mycobacterium colombiense and Pseudotuberculous Lymphadenopathy PDF Version [PDF - 80 KB - 2 pages]
K. Vuorenmaa et al.
Segniliparus rugosus Infection, Australia PDF Version [PDF - 79 KB - 3 pages]
T. Hansen et al.
Multigenotype Q Fever Outbreak, the Netherlands PDF Version [PDF - 65 KB - 2 pages]
C. H. Klaassen et al.
Suspected Brazilian Purpuric Fever, Brazilian Amazon Region PDF Version [PDF - 132 KB - 2 pages]
E. A. Santana-Porto et al.
Lethal Bluetongue Virus Serotype 1 Infection in Llamas PDF Version [PDF - 122 KB - 3 pages]
G. Meyer et al.

Volume 15, Number 3—March 2009

Volume 15, Number 2—February 2009

Volume 15, Number 1—January 2009

image of the 'Thumbnail' version of the Volume 15, Number 1—January 2009 cover of the CDC's EID journal
Fatal HIV Encephalitis in HIV-Seronegative Patients PDF Version [PDF - 157 KB - 3 pages]
T. M. Martin and J. D. Rich
Emerging Mycobacteria spp. in Cooling Towers PDF Version [PDF - 108 KB - 1 page]
I. Pagnier et al.
SCCmec Typing in Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus Strains of Animal Origin PDF Version [PDF - 106 KB - 1 page]
M. D. Jansen et al.
Buruli Ulcer in Long-Term Traveler to Senegal PDF Version [PDF - 142 KB - 1 page]
K. Ezzedine et al.
Vertical Transmission of Pneumocystis jirovecii in Humans PDF Version [PDF - 119 KB - 2 pages]
M. A. Montes-Cano et al.
Sphingomonas mucosissima Bacteremia in Patient with Sickle Cell Disease PDF Version [PDF - 108 KB - 1 page]
E. Angelakis et al.
Pulmonary Tuberculosis and Mycobacterium bovis, Uganda PDF Version [PDF - 103 KB - 1 page]
F. Byarugaba et al.
Avian Influenza Virus (H5N1) in Human, Laos PDF Version [PDF - 127 KB - 2 pages]
P. Puthavathana et al.
Classical ctxB in Vibrio cholerae O1, Kolkata, India PDF Version [PDF - 113 KB - 1 page]
A. Raychoudhuri et al.
WU Polyomavirus in Fecal Specimens of Children with Acute Gastroenteritis, China PDF Version [PDF - 96 KB - 2 pages]
L. Ren et al.
Linezolid-Resistant Staphylococcus cohnii, Greece PDF Version [PDF - 147 KB - 3 pages]
E. Petinaki et al.
Clostridium difficile–related Hospitalizations among US Adults, 2006 PDF Version [PDF - 102 KB - 3 pages]
M. D. Zilberberg
Falciparum Malaria in Patient 9 Years after Leaving Malaria-Endemic Area PDF Version [PDF - 113 KB - 2 pages]
C. Theunissen et al.
Evidence of Maternal–Fetal Transmission of Parachlamydia acanthamoebae PDF Version [PDF - 107 KB - 2 pages]
D. Baud et al.
School Closure to Reduce Influenza Transmission PDF Version [PDF - 95 KB - 2 pages]
L. M. Koonin and M. S. Cetron