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Volume 17—2011

Volume 17, Number 12—December 2011

image of the 'Thumbnail' version of the Volume 17, Number 12—December 2011 cover of the CDC's EID journal
Bat Rabies and Human Postexposure Prophylaxis, New York, USA PDF Version [PDF - 199 KB]
M. Eidson et al.
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“Bat in the bedroom!” may sound far-fetched, but it’s actually one of the most common sources of bat exposure. Bat encounters in general are fairly common. To improve public safety, more than a decade ago the New York State Department of Health developed new public education programs and changed its guidelines so that rabies prevention treatment is recommended after any bat exposure, not just bites. Since that time, there has been a large increase in the number of exposures reported, bats submitted for testing, and persons receiving treatment. These increases might have resulted from the changes in guidelines. Of the bats tested, 3.4% percent had rabies. More testing of bats is needed to avoid unnecessary preventive treatment of persons exposed to noninfected bats.

Changing Perception of Avian Influenza Risk, Hong Kong, 2006–2010 PDF Version [PDF - 131 KB]
Q. Liao et al.
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Although avian influenza (H1N1), or bird flu, might not be getting as much attention since the first cases were found in Hong Kong in 1997, it hasn’t gone away and still infects and kills dozens of persons every year. Researchers remained concerned about its potential to cause a large-scale, global outbreak. Because Hong Kong is one of the world’s most densely populated places, persons living there are at high risk for a rapidly spreading outbreak, particularly because wholesale markets selling live poultry are common. Do Hong Kong residents still perceive that they are at risk for bird flu, and are they taking the right steps to prevent it? One study surveyed Hong Kong residents over time and found that they are less worried about buying live poultry and about contracting with bird flu. These changes in perception of risk were associated with a decline in handwashing and covering coughs and sneezes, both of which help prevent influenza infections. A second study focused on poultry workers in Hong Kong and found a low level of knowledge about bird flu. Although many workers knew the symptoms, they were less likely to know how the disease is spread and how deadly it is. They also reported moderate to low levels of hand hygiene and other preventive measures.

Ranavirosis in Invasive Bullfrogs, Belgium PDF Version [PDF - 135 KB]
M. Sharifian-Fard et al.
Rift Valley and West Nile Virus Antibodies in Camels, North Africa PDF Version [PDF - 142 KB]
M. El-Harrak et al.
Hemoptysis Associated with Leptospirosis Acquired in Hawaii, USA PDF Version [PDF - 136 KB]
C. A. DuPlessis et al.
Brucellosis, Taiwan, 2011 PDF Version [PDF - 134 KB]
Y. Chuang et al.
Salmonella enterica in Pinnipeds, Chile PDF Version [PDF - 133 KB]
N. Sturm et al.
Brucella suis Infection in Dogs, Georgia, USA PDF Version [PDF - 136 KB]
S. Ramamoorthy et al.
Vertical Transmission of Avian Bornavirus in Psittacines PDF Version [PDF - 142 KB]
M. Lierz et al.
Q Fever in Woolsorters, Belgium PDF Version [PDF - 133 KB]
P. Wattiau et al.
Chrysosporium sp. Infection in Eastern Massasauga Rattlesnakes PDF Version [PDF - 214 KB]
M. C. Allender et al.
West Nile Fever Outbreak in Horses and Humans, Spain, 2010 PDF Version [PDF - 183 KB]
I. García-Bocanegra et al.
Novel Astroviruses in Children, Egypt PDF Version [PDF - 180 KB]
S. F. Ahmed et al.
Humans as Source of Mycobacterium tuberculosis Infection in Cattle, Spain PDF Version [PDF - 139 KB - 3 pages]
B. Romero et al.
Porcine and Human Community Reservoirs of Enterococcus faecalis, Denmark PDF Version [PDF - 124 KB - 3 pages]
J. Larsen et al.
Iridovirus Infection in Chinese Giant Salamanders, China, 2010 PDF Version [PDF - 267 KB - 2 pages]
W. Dong et al.
Coxiella burnetii Infection in Roe Deer during Q Fever Epidemic, the Netherlands PDF Version [PDF - 171 KB - 3 pages]
J. M. Rijks et al.
Cutaneous Myiasis in Traveler Returning from Ethiopia PDF Version [PDF - 179 KB - 2 pages]
P. Hannam et al.

Volume 17, Number 11—November 2011

Volume 17, Number 10—October 2011

image of the 'Thumbnail' version of the Volume 17, Number 10—October 2011 cover of the CDC's EID journal
Similarity of Shiga Toxin–producing Escherichia coli O104:H4 Strains from Italy and Germany PDF Version [PDF - 153 KB - 2 pages]
G. Scavia et al.
Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis with Severe Manifestations, Missouri, USA PDF Version [PDF - 162 KB - 2 pages]
S. Folk et al.
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Lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus is spread by rodents, particularly the common house mouse, and is found throughout the world. The virus, which usually causes mild illness with nonspecific symptoms, can at times cause severe disease. Two patients in Missouri, who reported seeing mice in their homes before becoming ill, came down with serious nervous system disease. Although both patients recovered, these cases provide a reminder of the potential severity of this virus. Patients with nervous system disease of unknown cause, especially those who have had contact with wild or pet rodents, should be tested for this virus.

Complicated Pandemic (H1N1) 2009 during Pregnancy, Taiwan PDF Version [PDF - 152 KB - 3 pages]
W. Huang et al.
Pandemic (H1N1) 2009 and Seasonal Influenza A (H3N2) in Children’s Hospital, Australia PDF Version [PDF - 162 KB - 3 pages]
G. Khandaker et al.
Global Health Security in an Era of Global Health Threats PDF Version [PDF - 150 KB - 2 pages]
S. B. Cáceres
Use of Workplace Absenteeism Surveillance Data for Outbreak Detection PDF Version [PDF - 184 KB - 2 pages]
B. Paterson et al.
Zoonotic Ascariasis, United Kingdom PDF Version [PDF - 200 KB - 3 pages]
R. P. Bendall et al.
Minority K65R Variants and Early Failure of Antiretroviral Therapy in HIV-1–infected Eritrean Immigrant PDF Version [PDF - 232 KB - 3 pages]
V. Bansal et al.
Diagnosis of Rickettsioses from Eschar Swab Samples, Algeria PDF Version [PDF - 157 KB - 2 pages]
N. Mouffok et al.
Livestock-associated Methicillin-Susceptible Staphylococcus aureus ST398 Infection in Woman, Colombia PDF Version [PDF - 152 KB - 2 pages]
J. N. Jiménez et al.
Granulicatella adiacens and Early-Onset Sepsis in Neonate PDF Version [PDF - 167 KB - 3 pages]
M. J. Bizzarro et al.
Sporotrichosis Caused by Sporothrix mexicana, Portugal PDF Version [PDF - 178 KB - 2 pages]
N. M. Dias et al.
Swinepox Virus Outbreak, Brazil, 2011 PDF Version [PDF - 171 KB - 3 pages]
M. L. Medaglia et al.
Plasmodium vivax Seroprevalence in Bred Cynomolgus Monkeys, China PDF Version [PDF - 160 KB - 2 pages]
D. B. Elmore
Novel Hepatitis E Virus Genotype in Norway Rats, Germany PDF Version [PDF - 273 KB - 3 pages]
W. Zhang et al.
Dengue Virus Serotype 4, Roraima State, Brazil PDF Version [PDF - 197 KB - 3 pages]
P. O. Acosta et al.

Volume 17, Number 9—September 2011

image of the 'Thumbnail' version of the Volume 17, Number 9—September 2011 cover of the CDC's EID journal
Pandemic (H1N1) 2009 in Neonates, Japan PDF Version [PDF - 105 KB - 3 pages]
N. Takahashi et al.
Escherichia coli O104:H4 from 2011 European Outbreak and Strain from South Korea PDF Version [PDF - 170 KB - 2 pages]
J. Kim et al.
Respiratory Illness in Households of School-Dismissed Students during Influenza Pandemic, 2009 PDF Version [PDF - 96 KB - 2 pages]
N. J. Cohen et al.
Pandemic (H1N1) 2009 Virus in Swine Herds, People’s Republic of China PDF Version [PDF - 163 KB - 3 pages]
H. Zhou et al.
Pulmonary Disease Associated with Nontuberculous Mycobacteria, Oregon, USA PDF Version [PDF - 85 KB - 3 pages]
K. L. Winthrop et al.
Carriage of Meningococci by University Students, United Kingdom PDF Version [PDF - 89 KB - 3 pages]
D. A. Ala’Aldeen et al.
Social Network as Outbreak Investigation Tool PDF Version [PDF - 83 KB - 2 pages]
J. F. Howland and C. Conover
Susceptibility of Health Care Students to Measles, Paris, France PDF Version [PDF - 89 KB - 2 pages]
P. Loulergue et al.
Toxigenic Corynebacterium ulcerans in Woman and Cat PDF Version [PDF - 95 KB - 3 pages]
A. Berger et al.
Isoniazid-Resistant Tuberculosis, Taiwan, 2000–2010 PDF Version [PDF - 79 KB - 2 pages]
C. Lai et al.
Novel Mycobacterium Species in Seahorses with Tail Rot PDF Version [PDF - 146 KB - 3 pages]
J. L. Balcázar et al.
Mycoplasma leachii sp. nov. in Calves, China PDF Version [PDF - 90 KB - 2 pages]
J. Chang et al.
Bartonella clarridgeiae in Fleas, Tahiti, French Polynesia PDF Version [PDF - 84 KB - 3 pages]
T. Kernif et al.
Bocavirus in Children with Respiratory Tract Infections PDF Version [PDF - 96 KB - 2 pages]
L. Guo et al.
Highly Virulent Escherichia coli O26, Scotland PDF Version [PDF - 102 KB - 3 pages]
K. Pollock et al.
Perinatal Transmission of Yellow Fever, Brazil, 2009 PDF Version [PDF - 159 KB - 2 pages]
M. R. Bentlin et al.
Pathogenic Leptospira spp. in Wild Rodents, Canary Islands, Spain PDF Version [PDF - 90 KB - 2 pages]
P. Foronda et al.
Highly Pathogenic Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome Virus, Asia PDF Version [PDF - 139 KB - 3 pages]
T. An et al.
Etymologia: Pseudoterranova azarasi PDF Version [PDF - 21 KB - 1 page]
S. A. Norton and D. I. Gibson

Volume 17, Number 8—August 2011

Volume 17, Number 7—July 2011

image of the 'Thumbnail' version of the Volume 17, Number 7—July 2011 cover of the CDC's EID journal
Human Herpesvirus 1 in Wild Marmosets, Brazil, 2008 PDF Version [PDF - 263 KB - 3 pages]
C. S. Longa et al.
Melioidosis in Birds and Burkholderia pseudomallei Dispersal, Australia PDF Version [PDF - 208 KB - 3 pages]
V. Hampton et al.
Enzootic Angiostrongyliasis, Guangdong, China, 2008–2009 PDF Version [PDF - 180 KB - 2 pages]
Z. Qu et al.
Yersinia pestis in Small Rodents, Mongolia PDF Version [PDF - 228 KB - 3 pages]
J. M. Riehm et al.
Easy Test for Visceral Leishmaniasis and Post–Kala-azar Dermal Leishmaniasis PDF Version [PDF - 202 KB - 3 pages]
S. Saha et al.
Ameba-associated Keratitis, France PDF Version [PDF - 202 KB - 3 pages]
G. Cohen et al.
Rare Case of Trichomonal Peritonitis PDF Version [PDF - 183 KB - 2 pages]
C. A. Zalonis et al.
Malaria, Oromia Regional State, Ethiopia, 2001–2006 PDF Version [PDF - 156 KB - 2 pages]
D. Olana et al.
Typhoon-related Leptospirosis and Melioidosis, Taiwan, 2009 PDF Version [PDF - 174 KB - 3 pages]
H. Su et al.
Plasmodium knowlesi Reinfection in Human PDF Version [PDF - 197 KB - 2 pages]
Y. Lau et al.
Exposure to Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis Virus, New York, USA PDF Version [PDF - 149 KB - 2 pages]
B. Knust et al.
Trichostrongylus colubriformis Nematode Infections in Humans, France PDF Version [PDF - 237 KB - 2 pages]
S. Lattès et al.
Toxoplasmosis and Horse Meat, France PDF Version [PDF - 154 KB - 2 pages]
C. Pomares et al.
Israeli Spotted Fever, Tunisia PDF Version [PDF - 165 KB - 3 pages]
A. Znazen et al.
Catabacter hongkongensis Bacteremia with Fatal Septic Shock PDF Version [PDF - 182 KB - 2 pages]
A. Elsendoorn et al.
Endemic Angiostrongyliasis, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil PDF Version [PDF - 209 KB - 3 pages]
R. O. Simões et al.
Tickborne Relapsing Fever Caused by Borrelia persica, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan PDF Version [PDF - 168 KB - 3 pages]
N. Colin de Verdière et al.
Antibody to Arenaviruses in Rodents, Caribbean Colombia PDF Version [PDF - 176 KB - 3 pages]
S. Mattar et al.
High Incidence of Guillain-Barré Syndrome in Children, Bangladesh PDF Version [PDF - 146 KB - 2 pages]
Z. Islam et al.
Aircraft and Risk of Importing a New Vector of Visceral Leishmaniasis PDF Version [PDF - 307 KB - 2 pages]
C. H. Costa and I. K. de Miranda-Santos
Rift Valley Fever in Ruminants, Republic of Comoros, 2009 PDF Version [PDF - 150 KB - 2 pages]
M. Roger et al.
Adult Opisthorchis viverrini Flukes in Humans, Takeo, Cambodia PDF Version [PDF - 213 KB - 3 pages]
W. Sohn et al.
Foodborne Illness Acquired in the United States PDF Version [PDF - 164 KB - 3 pages]
C. W. Hedberg
Comment on Zoonoses in the Bedroom PDF Version [PDF - 201 KB - 2 pages]
S. P. Montgomery et al.

Volume 17, Number 6—June 2011

image of the 'Thumbnail' version of the Volume 17, Number 6—June 2011 cover of the CDC's EID journal
Screening for Pandemic (H1N1) 2009 Virus among Hospital Staff, Spain PDF Version [PDF - 141 KB - 2 pages]
J. Olalla et al.
Severe Leptospirosis Similar to Pandemic (H1N1) 2009, Florida and Missouri, USA PDF Version [PDF - 193 KB - 2 pages]
Y. Lo et al.
Easy Diagnosis of Invasive Pneumococcal Disease PDF Version [PDF - 149 KB - 3 pages]
L. Selva et al.
Macrolide Resistance–associated 23S rRNA Mutation in Mycoplasma genitalium, Japan PDF Version [PDF - 148 KB - 3 pages]
Y. Shimada et al.
Mimivirus-like Particles in Acanthamoebae from Sewage Sludge PDF Version [PDF - 201 KB - 3 pages]
W. H. Gaze et al.
Coronavirus HKU1 in Children, Brazil, 1995 PDF Version [PDF - 147 KB - 2 pages]
L. G. Góes et al.
Swine Influenza Virus A (H3N2) Infection in Human, Kansas, USA, 2009 PDF Version [PDF - 132 KB - 2 pages]
C. M. Cox et al.
Rabies Immunization Status of Dogs, Beijing, China PDF Version [PDF - 157 KB - 2 pages]
C. Wang et al.
Community Vaccinators in the Workplace PDF Version [PDF - 129 KB - 2 pages]
J. R. Harris et al.
Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus in Retail Meat, Detroit, Michigan, USA PDF Version [PDF - 110 KB - 3 pages]
K. Bhargava et al.
Effect of Media Warnings on Rabies Postexposure Prophylaxis, France PDF Version [PDF - 151 KB - 2 pages]
P. Gautret et al.
Bedbugs as Vectors for Drug-Resistant Bacteria PDF Version [PDF - 35 KB - 3 pages]
C. F. Lowe and M. G. Romney
Saffold Cardioviruses in Children with Diarrhea, Thailand PDF Version [PDF - 168 KB - 3 pages]
P. Khamrin et al.
Pandemic (H1N1) 2009 and HIV Infection PDF Version [PDF - 165 KB - 4 pages]
S. Dhanireddy et al.
Vibrio cholerae in Traveler from Haiti to Canada PDF Version [PDF - 70 KB - 2 pages]
M. W. Gilmour et al.
Lethal Necrotizing Pneumonia Caused by an ST398 Staphylococcus aureus Strain PDF Version [PDF - 145 KB - 2 pages]
P. R. Davies et al.
Extended-Spectrum β-Lactamase–producing Escherichia coli in Neonatal Care Unit PDF Version [PDF - 150 KB - 2 pages]
J. R. Johnson
Suspected Horse-to-Human Transmission of MRSA ST398
E. van Duijkeren et al.

Volume 17, Number 5—May 2011

image of the 'Thumbnail' version of the Volume 17, Number 5—May 2011 cover of the CDC's EID journal
West Nile Virus Infection, Assam, India PDF Version [PDF - 128 KB - 2 pages]
S. A. Khan et al.
Strongyloidiasis in Man 75 Years after Initial Exposure PDF Version [PDF - 116 KB - 2 pages]
V. Prendki et al.
Seroprevalence of Toscana Virus in Blood Donors, France, 2007 PDF Version [PDF - 136 KB - 3 pages]
N. Brisbarre et al.
Fatal Human Case of Western Equine Encephalitis, Uruguay PDF Version [PDF - 180 KB - 3 pages]
A. Delfraro et al.
Japanese Encephalitis, Tibet, China PDF Version [PDF - 134 KB - 3 pages]
Y. Li et al.
Quinine-Resistant Malaria in Traveler Returning from French Guiana, 2010 PDF Version [PDF - 126 KB - 3 pages]
L. Bertaux et al.
Widespread Availability of Artemisinin Monotherapy in the United States PDF Version [PDF - 139 KB - 2 pages]
R. M. Rakita and U. Malhotra
Avian Malaria Deaths in Parrots, Europe PDF Version [PDF - 179 KB - 3 pages]
P. Olias et al.
Imported Dengue Virus Serotype 3, Yemen to Italy, 2010 PDF Version [PDF - 153 KB - 3 pages]
P. Ravanini et al.
Anaplasma phagocytophilum Infection in Ticks, China–Russia Border PDF Version [PDF - 135 KB - 3 pages]
J. Jiang et al.
Rare Rotavirus Strains in Children with Severe Diarrhea, Malaysia PDF Version [PDF - 145 KB - 3 pages]
L. Ch’ng et al.
Dengue Virus Serotype 4, Roraima State, Brazil PDF Version [PDF - 156 KB - 3 pages]
J. G. Temporão et al.
Kyasanur Forest Disease Virus Alkhurma Subtype in Ticks, Najran Province, Saudi Arabia PDF Version [PDF - 159 KB - 3 pages]
M. Mahdi et al.
Babesia sp. EU1 Infection in a Forest Reindeer, the Netherlands PDF Version [PDF - 206 KB - 3 pages]
M. Kik et al.
Plasmodium vivax Seroprevalence in Bred Cynomolgus Monkeys, China PDF Version [PDF - 136 KB - 2 pages]
H. Li et al.
Novel Phlebovirus in Febrile Child, Greece PDF Version [PDF - 128 KB - 2 pages]
V. Anagnostou et al.
Yersinia pestis DNA Sequences in Late Medieval Skeletal Finds, Bavaria PDF Version [PDF - 196 KB - 3 pages]
T. Tran et al.

Volume 17, Number 4—April 2011

Volume 17, Number 3—March 2011

Volume 17, Number 2—February 2011

image of the 'Thumbnail' version of the Volume 17, Number 2—February 2011 cover of the CDC's EID journal
Rickettsia aeschlimannii in Hyalomma marginatum Ticks, Germany PDF Version [PDF - 137 KB - 2 pages]
L. Rumer et al.
Surface Layer Protein A Variant of Clostridium difficile PCR-Ribotype 027 PDF Version [PDF - 171 KB - 3 pages]
P. Spigaglia et al.
Dengue Virus Serotype 3 Subtype III, Zhejiang Province, China PDF Version [PDF - 209 KB - 3 pages]
J. Sun et al.
Hantavirus Infection in Istanbul, Turkey PDF Version [PDF - 144 KB - 2 pages]
O. Oncul et al.
Introduction of Japanese Encephalitis Virus Genotype I, India PDF Version [PDF - 192 KB - 3 pages]
P. V. Fulmali et al.
No Xenotropic Murine Leukemia Virus–related Virus Detected in Fibromyalgia Patients PDF Version [PDF - 237 KB - 2 pages]
J. Luczkowiak et al.
Clonal Spread of Streptococcus pyogenes emm44 among Homeless Persons, Rennes, France PDF Version [PDF - 281 KB - 3 pages]
A. Cady et al.
A226V Strains of Chikungunya Virus, Réunion Island, 2010 PDF Version [PDF - 157 KB - 3 pages]
E. D’Ortenzio et al.
Maternal–Fetal Transmission of Cryptococcus gattii in Harbor Porpoise PDF Version [PDF - 143 KB - 2 pages]
S. A. Norman et al.
Genetic Detection of Dobrava/Belgrade Virus, Bulgaria PDF Version [PDF - 164 KB - 2 pages]
A. Papa and I. Christova
Orbiviruses in Rusa Deer, Mauritius, 2007 PDF Version [PDF - 173 KB - 2 pages]
F. Jori et al.
European Subtype Tick-borne Encephalitis Virus in Ixodes persulcatus Ticks PDF Version [PDF - 162 KB - 3 pages]
A. E. Jääskeläinen et al.
Segniliparus rugosus–associated Bronchiolitis in California Sea Lion PDF Version [PDF - 170 KB - 2 pages]
R. H. Evans
New Delhi Metallo-β-Lactamase, Ontario, Canada PDF Version [PDF - 153 KB - 2 pages]
N. Tijet et al.
Dogs as Reservoirs for Leishmania braziliensis PDF Version [PDF - 126 KB - 2 pages]
F. Dantas-Torres
Pandemic (H1N1) 2009 and HIV Co-infection PDF Version [PDF - 119 KB - 1 page]
D. T. Kuhar and D. K. Henderson

Volume 17, Number 1—January 2011

image of the 'Thumbnail' version of the Volume 17, Number 1—January 2011 cover of the CDC's EID journal
Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever Virus, Northeastern Greece PDF Version [PDF - 233 KB - 3 pages]
A. Papa et al.
Class D OXA-48 Carbapenemase in Multidrug-Resistant Enterobacteria, Senegal PDF Version [PDF - 192 KB - 2 pages]
O. Moquet et al.
Empyema caused by MRSA ST398 with Atypical Resistance Profile, Spain PDF Version [PDF - 187 KB - 3 pages]
C. Lozano et al.
Change in Age Pattern of Persons with Dengue, Northeastern Brazil PDF Version [PDF - 177 KB - 3 pages]
L. P. Cavalcanti et al.
Ceftriaxone-Resistant Neisseria gonorrhoeae, Japan PDF Version [PDF - 213 KB - 2 pages]
M. Ohnishi et al.
Intensive Care Unit Admission for Pandemic (H1N1) 2009, Reunion Island, 2009 PDF Version [PDF - 166 KB - 2 pages]
B. Gaüzère et al.
Role of National Travel Health Network and Centre Website during Pandemic (H1N1) 2009 PDF Version [PDF - 177 KB - 2 pages]
N. L. Boddington et al.
Fatal Vibrio vulnificus Infection Associated with Eating Raw Oysters, New Caledonia PDF Version [PDF - 183 KB - 2 pages]
C. Cazorla et al.
Buruli Ulcer Prevalence and Altitude, Benin PDF Version [PDF - 159 KB - 2 pages]
G. E. Sopoh et al.
Zoonotic Cryptosporidiosis from Petting Farms, England and Wales, 1992–2009 PDF Version [PDF - 193 KB - 2 pages]
F. J. Gormley et al.
Vibrio cholerae O1 in 2 Coastal Villages, Papua New Guinea PDF Version [PDF - 186 KB - 3 pages]
A. Rosewell et al.
Clostridium sphenoides Bloodstream Infection in Man PDF Version [PDF - 290 KB - 4 pages]
T. Kelesidis and S. Tsiodras
Sparganosis, Henan Province, Central China PDF Version [PDF - 193 KB - 2 pages]
J. Cui et al.
Apophysomyces variabilis Infections in Humans PDF Version [PDF - 177 KB - 2 pages]
J. Guarro et al.
Emergence of New Delhi Metallo-β-Lactamase, Austria PDF Version [PDF - 179 KB - 2 pages]
G. Zarfel et al.
Identification of Legionella feeleii Cellulitis PDF Version [PDF - 208 KB - 2 pages]
S. Loridant et al.
Carbapenemases in Enterobacteria, Hong Kong, China, 2009 PDF Version [PDF - 207 KB - 3 pages]
Y. Chu et al.