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Volume 19—2013

Volume 19, Number 12—December 2013

image of the 'Thumbnail' version of the Volume 19, Number 12—December 2013 cover of the CDC's EID journal
New Delhi Metallo-β-Lactamase-1 in Carbapenem-Resistant Salmonella Strain, China PDF Version [PDF - 334 KB - 3 pages]
J. Huang et al.
Hepatitis E and Lymphocytic Leukemia in Man, Italy PDF Version [PDF - 366 KB - 3 pages]
M. T. Giordani et al.
Vaccinia Virus in Household Environment during Bovine Vaccinia Outbreak, Brazil PDF Version [PDF - 459 KB - 3 pages]
F. L. Assis et al.
Q Fever Surveillance in Ruminants, Thailand, 2012 PDF Version [PDF - 327 KB - 3 pages]
S. L. Yingst et al.
Bicolored White-toothed Shrews as Reservoir for Borna Disease Virus, Bavaria, Germany PDF Version [PDF - 677 KB - 3 pages]
M. Bourg et al.
Unexpected Brucella suis Biovar 2 Infection in a Dairy Cow, Belgium PDF Version [PDF - 292 KB - 2 pages]
D. Fretin et al.
Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus Variants with High Pathogenicity, China PDF Version [PDF - 311 KB - 2 pages]
J. Wang et al.
Concurrent Parasitic Infections in a Renal Transplant Patient PDF Version [PDF - 398 KB - 2 pages]
G. S. Visvesvara et al.
Treponemal Infection in Nonhuman Primates as Possible Reservoir for Human Yaws PDF Version [PDF - 367 KB - 3 pages]
S. Knauf et al.
Porcine Hokovirus in Domestic Pigs, Cameroon PDF Version [PDF - 365 KB - 3 pages]
C. Adlhoch et al.
Evaluation of 3 Electronic Methods Used to Detect Influenza Diagnoses during 2009 Pandemic PDF Version [PDF - 314 KB - 2 pages]
S. Mulpuru et al.
Contagious Caprine Pleuropneumonia in Endangered Tibetan Antelope, China, 2012 PDF Version [PDF - 350 KB - 3 pages]
Z. Yu et al.

Volume 19, Number 11—November 2013

Volume 19, Number 10—October 2013

image of the 'Thumbnail' version of the Volume 19, Number 10—October 2013 cover of the CDC's EID journal
Clinical Profile of Children with Norovirus Disease in Rotavirus Vaccine Era PDF Version [PDF - 287 KB - 3 pages]
M. E. Wikswo et al.
Leptotrichia trevisanii Sepsis after Bone Marrow Transplantation PDF Version [PDF - 247 KB - 2 pages]
J. M. Schrimsher et al.
Close Relative of Human Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus in Bat, South Africa PDF Version [PDF - 430 KB - 3 pages]
N. Ithete et al.
Multidrug-Resistant Escherichia coli Bacteremia PDF Version [PDF - 288 KB - 3 pages]
F. Alhashash et al.
Rickettsia africae in Amblyomma variegatum Ticks, Uganda and Nigeria PDF Version [PDF - 301 KB - 3 pages]
V. Lorusso et al.
Novel Bat Coronaviruses, Brazil and Mexico PDF Version [PDF - 315 KB - 3 pages]
L. Góes et al.
Transmission of Schmallenberg Virus during Winter, Germany PDF Version [PDF - 293 KB - 3 pages]
K. Wernike et al.
Ongoing Measles Outbreak in Orthodox Jewish Community, London, UK PDF Version [PDF - 613 KB - 3 pages]
V. Baugh et al.
Recurrent Bordetella holmesii Bacteremia and Nasal Carriage in a Patient Receiving Rituximab PDF Version [PDF - 286 KB - 3 pages]
L. Nguyen et al.
Human Infection with Eurasian Avian-like Influenza A(H1N1) Virus, China PDF Version [PDF - 301 KB - 3 pages]
D. Wang et al.
Leprosy in Pregnant Woman, United States PDF Version [PDF - 251 KB - 2 pages]
A. C. Gimovsky and C. J. Macri
Haemophilus parahaemolyticus Septic Shock after Aspiration Pneumonia, France PDF Version [PDF - 256 KB - 2 pages]
A. Le Floch et al.
Mycobacterium iranicum Infection in HIV-infected Patient, Iran PDF Version [PDF - 246 KB - 2 pages]
A. Hashemi-Shahraki et al.
Vibrio cholerae O1 El Tor and O139 Bengal Strains Carrying ctxB, Bangladesh PDF Version [PDF - 434 KB - 3 pages]
S. M. Rashed et al.

Volume 19, Number 9—September 2013

Volume 19, Number 8—August 2013

Volume 19, Number 7—July 2013

image of the 'Thumbnail' version of the Volume 19, Number 7—July 2013 cover of the CDC's EID journal
Verona Integron–encoded Metallo-β-Lactamase 1 in Enterobacteria, Ontario, Canada PDF Version [PDF - 336 KB - 3 pages]
N. Tijet et al.
Bartonella Species in Raccoons and Feral Cats, Georgia, USA PDF Version [PDF - 288 KB - 2 pages]
J. Hwang and N. L. Gottdenker
Tick-borne Encephalitis Virus, Zealand, Denmark, 2011 PDF Version [PDF - 333 KB - 3 pages]
A. Fomsgaard et al.
Novel Bat-borne Hantavirus, Vietnam PDF Version [PDF - 330 KB - 3 pages]
S. Arai et al.
Possible Cause of Liver Failure in Patient with Dengue Shock Syndrome PDF Version [PDF - 276 KB - 3 pages]
A. Khongphatthanayothin et al.
Rickettsia aeschlimannii Infection in a Man, Greece PDF Version [PDF - 268 KB - 2 pages]
A. Germanakis et al.
Avian Influenza A(H7N9) Virus Infections, Shanghai, China PDF Version [PDF - 360 KB - 3 pages]
Z. Mei et al.
MDR TB Transmission, Singapore PDF Version [PDF - 300 KB - 2 pages]
C. Chee et al.
Human Infection with Marten Tapeworm PDF Version [PDF - 332 KB - 3 pages]
P. Eberwein et al.
Campylobacter jejuni in Hospitalized Patients with Diarrhea, Kolkata, India PDF Version [PDF - 295 KB - 2 pages]
P. Mukherjee et al.
Spotted Fever Group Rickettsiae in Questing Ticks, Central Spain PDF Version [PDF - 319 KB - 3 pages]
I. G. Fernández de Mera et al.
Neonatal Granulicatella elegans Bacteremia, London, UK PDF Version [PDF - 267 KB - 2 pages]
L. Quartermain et al.
Rifampin-Resistant Mycobacterium bovis BCG–Induced Disease in HIV-Infected Infant, Vietnam PDF Version [PDF - 269 KB - 3 pages]
D. Hong et al.
Bulleidia extructa Periprosthetic Hip Joint Infection, United States PDF Version [PDF - 262 KB - 2 pages]
B. Kloesel et al.
Usutu Virus in Migratory Song Thrushes, Spain PDF Version [PDF - 323 KB - 3 pages]
U. Höfle et al.
Antibodies against Rift Valley Fever Virus in Cattle, Mozambique PDF Version [PDF - 270 KB - 3 pages]
N. Lagerqvist et al.

Volume 19, Number 6—June 2013

image of the 'Thumbnail' version of the Volume 19, Number 6—June 2013 cover of the CDC's EID journal
Prolonged Incubation Period for Cryptococcus gattii Infection in Cat, Alaska, USA PDF Version [PDF - 312 KB - 2 pages]
L. J. Castrodale et al.
Vibrio cholerae O1 Isolate with Novel Genetic Background, Thailand–Myanmar PDF Version [PDF - 341 KB - 3 pages]
K. Okada et al.
Murine Typhus in Humans, Yucatan, Mexico PDF Version [PDF - 398 KB - 2 pages]
K. Dzul-Rosado et al.
Shewanella haliotis Associated with Severe Soft Tissue Infection, Thailand, 2012 PDF Version [PDF - 316 KB - 3 pages]
K. Poovorawan et al.
Absence of Rift Valley Fever Virus in Wild Small Mammals, Madagascar PDF Version [PDF - 386 KB - 3 pages]
M. Olive et al.
Novel Respiratory Syncytial Virus A Genotype, Germany, 2011–2012 PDF Version [PDF - 352 KB - 2 pages]
C. Prifert et al.
Clostridium difficile Infection Associated with Pig Farms PDF Version [PDF - 300 KB - 3 pages]
E. C. Keessen et al.
Human Gyrovirus in Healthy Blood Donors, France PDF Version [PDF - 328 KB - 2 pages]
P. Biagini et al.
Hepatitis E Outbreak, Dadaab Refugee Camp, Kenya, 2012 PDF Version [PDF - 374 KB - 3 pages]
J. A. Ahmed et al.
Travel-related Neisseria meningitidis Serogroup W135 Infection, France PDF Version [PDF - 330 KB - 3 pages]
M. Taha et al.
Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever Asia-2 Genotype, Pakistan PDF Version [PDF - 394 KB - 3 pages]
M. Alam et al.
Colostrum Replacer and Bovine Leukemia Virus Seropositivity in Calves PDF Version [PDF - 290 KB - 2 pages]
B. Choudhury et al.
Wild Poliovirus Importation, Central African Republic PDF Version [PDF - 358 KB - 2 pages]
I. Gouandjika-Vasilache et al.
Reemergence of Recombinant Vaccine–derived Polioviruses in Healthy Children, Madagascar PDF Version [PDF - 323 KB - 3 pages]
R. Razafindratsimandresy et al.
Flaviviruses in Game Birds, Southern Spain, 2011–2012 PDF Version [PDF - 351 KB - 3 pages]
F. Llorente et al.

Volume 19, Number 5—May 2013

image of the 'Thumbnail' version of the Volume 19, Number 5—May 2013 cover of the CDC's EID journal
Atypical Erythema Migrans in Patients with PCR-Positive Lyme Disease PDF Version [PDF - 789 KB - 3 pages]
S. E. Schutzer et al.
Brucellosis in Guangdong Province, People’s Republic of China, 2005–2010 PDF Version [PDF - 353 KB - 2 pages]
J. Chen et al.
Search for Possible Additional Reservoirs for Human Q Fever, the Netherlands PDF Version [PDF - 442 KB - 2 pages]
H. Roest et al.
Cutaneous Mycobacterium shigaense Infection in Immunocompetent Woman, China PDF Version [PDF - 1.30 MB - 2 pages]
P. Cui et al.
Infectious Disease Surveillance by Medical Examiners and Coroners PDF Version [PDF - 288 KB - 2 pages]
D. M. Blau et al.
Multidrug-Resistant Acinetobacter baumannii Clone, France PDF Version [PDF - 428 KB - 2 pages]
R. A. Bonnin et al.
Plasmodium falciparum with Multidrug Resistance 1 Gene Duplications, Senegal PDF Version [PDF - 290 KB - 2 pages]
A. Pascual et al.
Single Genotype of Anaplasma phagocytophilum Identified from Ticks, Camargue, France PDF Version [PDF - 649 KB - 3 pages]
A. Chastagner et al.
Genomic Analysis of Salmonella enterica Serovar Typhimurium Definitive Phage Type 104 PDF Version [PDF - 455 KB - 3 pages]
H. Izumiya et al.
Treatment of Listeriosis in First Trimester of Pregnancy PDF Version [PDF - 358 KB - 3 pages]
B. T. Chan et al.
Mycobacterium tuberculosis Complex in Remains of 18th–19th Century Slaves, Brazil PDF Version [PDF - 348 KB - 3 pages]
L. H. Jaeger et al.
Scalp Eschar and Neck Lymphadenopathy Caused by Rickettsia massiliae PDF Version [PDF - 573 KB - 2 pages]
A. Cascio et al.
West Nile Virus Lineage 2 Strain in Greece, 2012 PDF Version [PDF - 413 KB - 3 pages]
S. C. Chaintoutis et al.
Azole-Resistant Aspergillus fumigatus, Iran PDF Version [PDF - 337 KB - 3 pages]
S. Seyedmousavi et al.
Reindeer Warble Fly–associated Human Myiasis, Scandinavia PDF Version [PDF - 345 KB - 3 pages]
B. Kan et al.

Volume 19, Number 4—April 2013

image of the 'Thumbnail' version of the Volume 19, Number 4—April 2013 cover of the CDC's EID journal
Novel Serotype of Bluetongue Virus, Western North America PDF Version [PDF - 274 KB - 2 pages]
N. Maclachlan et al.
Monkey Bites among US Military Members, Afghanistan, 2011 PDF Version [PDF - 248 KB - 1 page]
G. A. Engel et al.
Hepatitis E Virus Genotype 3 Strains in Domestic Pigs, Cameroon PDF Version [PDF - 338 KB - 3 pages]
V. de Paula et al.
Novel Respiratory Syncytial Virus Subtype ON1 among Children, Cape Town, South Africa, 2012 PDF Version [PDF - 626 KB - 3 pages]
Z. Valley-Omar et al.
Henipaviruses and Fruit Bats, Papua New Guinea PDF Version [PDF - 287 KB - 2 pages]
H. Field et al.
High Incidence of Japanese Encephalitis, Southern China PDF Version [PDF - 269 KB - 2 pages]
Y. Feng et al.
Novel Hantavirus in Wildlife, United Kingdom PDF Version [PDF - 340 KB - 3 pages]
K. C. Pounder et al.
Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease Outbreak and Coxsackievirus A6, Northern Spain, 2011 PDF Version [PDF - 310 KB - 3 pages]
M. Montes et al.
Rabies Update for Latin America and the Caribbean PDF Version [PDF - 283 KB - 2 pages]
M. Vigilato et al.
Serosurvey of Dogs for Human, Livestock, and Wildlife Pathogens, Uganda PDF Version [PDF - 303 KB - 3 pages]
J. Millán et al.
Iatrogenic Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease from Commercial Cadaveric Human Growth Hormone PDF Version [PDF - 317 KB - 3 pages]
B. S. Appleby et al.
West Nile Virus Infection in Belgian Traveler Returning from Greece PDF Version [PDF - 294 KB - 2 pages]
L. Cnops et al.
Powassan Virus Encephalitis, Minnesota, USA PDF Version [PDF - 285 KB - 1 page]
D. F. Neitzel et al.
Hepatitis E Virus and Porcine-derived Heparin PDF Version [PDF - 326 KB - 3 pages]
C. Crossan et al.
Human Enterovirus Genotype C104, China PDF Version [PDF - 293 KB - 3 pages]
Z. Xiang et al.

Volume 19, Number 3—March 2013

image of the 'Thumbnail' version of the Volume 19, Number 3—March 2013 cover of the CDC's EID journal
Bordetella hinzii in Rodents, Southeast Asia PDF Version [PDF - 345 KB - 2 pages]
T. Jiyipong et al.
Melioidosis and Hairy Cell Leukemia in 2 Travelers Returning from Thailand PDF Version [PDF - 606 KB - 3 pages]
B. Rossi et al.
Characterization of Mycobacterium orygis PDF Version [PDF - 260 KB - 2 pages]
J. van Ingen et al.
Mycobacterium fortuitum Endocarditis Associated with Cardiac Surgery, Serbia PDF Version [PDF - 316 KB - 3 pages]
D. Vuković et al.
Cryptococcus gattii, Florida, USA, 2011 PDF Version [PDF - 379 KB - 3 pages]
R. Kunadharaju et al.
Armillifer armillatus Pentastomiasis in African Immigrant, Germany PDF Version [PDF - 1.71 MB - 2 pages]
D. Tappe et al.
Mycobacterium tuberculosis Beijing Type Mutation Frequency PDF Version [PDF - 585 KB - 2 pages]
J. Werngren
Mycobacterium kyorinense Infection PDF Version [PDF - 313 KB - 3 pages]
H. Ohnishi et al.
Recurring Influenza B Virus Infections in Seals PDF Version [PDF - 429 KB - 2 pages]
R. Bodewes et al.
Reemerging Schmallenberg Virus Infections, Germany, 2012 PDF Version [PDF - 801 KB - 2 pages]
F. J. Conraths et al.
Plague Epidemics and Lice, Democratic Republic of the Congo PDF Version [PDF - 253 KB - 2 pages]
R. Piarroux et al.
Peritoneal Tuberculosis in a Pregnant Woman from Haiti, United States PDF Version [PDF - 339 KB - 3 pages]
K. L. Ard et al.
Microsporidial Keratoconjunctivitis Outbreak among Athletes from Hong Kong Who Visited Singapore, 2012 PDF Version [PDF - 270 KB - 2 pages]
T. Lam et al.

Volume 19, Number 2—February 2013

image of the 'Thumbnail' version of the Volume 19, Number 2—February 2013 cover of the CDC's EID journal
Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis Virus Infections among American Indians PDF Version [PDF - 499 KB - 2 pages]
B. Knust et al.
Acute Schmallenberg Virus Infections, France, 2012 PDF Version [PDF - 376 KB - 2 pages]
C. Sailleau et al.
Streptococcus suis Meningitis in Swine Worker, Minnesota, USA PDF Version [PDF - 278 KB - 2 pages]
H. N. Fowler et al.
Imported Hepatitis E Virus, Central African Republic, 2011 PDF Version [PDF - 379 KB - 3 pages]
J. Bouscaillou et al.
Rickettsiae in Ticks, Japan, 2007–2011 PDF Version [PDF - 378 KB - 3 pages]
Gaowa et al.
Coxiella burnetii in Ticks, Argentina PDF Version [PDF - 3.19 MB - 3 pages]
R. C. Pacheco et al.
Streptococcus suis and Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome, Vietnam PDF Version [PDF - 462 KB - 3 pages]
N. Hoa et al.
Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease in Brocket Deer, Brazil PDF Version [PDF - 2.22 MB - 3 pages]
C. Favero et al.
Seroprevalence of Dengue in American Samoa, 2010 PDF Version [PDF - 324 KB - 3 pages]
J. Duncombe et al.
Tropheryma whipplei Genotypes 1 and 3, Central Europe PDF Version [PDF - 659 KB - 2 pages]
N. Wetzstein et al.
Clustered Cases of Rickettsia sibirica mongolitimonae Infection, France PDF Version [PDF - 347 KB - 2 pages]
S. Edouard et al.
Hepatitis E Virus Seroprevalence among Men Who Have Sex with Men, United Kingdom PDF Version [PDF - 353 KB - 3 pages]
B. Payne et al.
Delayed Diagnosis of Dirofilariasis and Complex Ocular Surgery, Russia PDF Version [PDF - 984 KB - 3 pages]
B. Ilyasov et al.
Toscana Virus Isolated from Sandflies, Tunisia PDF Version [PDF - 521 KB - 3 pages]
L. Bichaud et al.
Yersinia pestis Plasminogen Activator Gene Homolog in Rat Tissues PDF Version [PDF - 306 KB - 3 pages]
I. Janse et al.

Volume 19, Number 1—January 2013

image of the 'Thumbnail' version of the Volume 19, Number 1—January 2013 cover of the CDC's EID journal
Sapovirus Gastroenteritis in Preschool Center, Puerto Rico, 2011 PDF Version [PDF - 258 KB - 2 pages]
E. Hassan-Ríos et al.
Neurocysticercosis on the Arabian Peninsula, 2003–2011 PDF Version [PDF - 330 KB - 3 pages]
O. H. Del Brutto
Schmallenberg Virus in Central Nervous System of Ruminants PDF Version [PDF - 753 KB - 2 pages]
K. Hahn et al.
Subcutaneous Infection with Dirofilaria immitis Nematode in Human, France PDF Version [PDF - 198 KB - 2 pages]
M. Foissac et al.
Characterization of Peste des Petits Ruminants Virus, Eritrea, 2002–2011 PDF Version [PDF - 264 KB - 2 pages]
G. Cosseddu et al.
Carbapenem-hydrolyzing Oxacillinase-48 and Oxacillinase-181 in Canada, 2011 PDF Version [PDF - 353 KB - 4 pages]
L. F. Mataseje et al.
Primary Multidrug-Resistant Leprosy, United States PDF Version [PDF - 688 KB - 3 pages]
D. Williams et al.
Antiretroviral Therapy–associated Coccidioidal Meningitis PDF Version [PDF - 380 KB - 3 pages]
R. Trible et al.
Seroprevalence of Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever Virus, Bulgaria PDF Version [PDF - 263 KB - 3 pages]
I. Christova et al.
Polyomavirus in Saliva of HIV-infected Children, Brazil PDF Version [PDF - 889 KB - 3 pages]
T. F. Robaina et al.
Cronobacter sakazakii ST4 Strains and Neonatal Meningitis, United States PDF Version [PDF - 332 KB - 3 pages]
S. Hariri et al.
A Case of Endemic Syphilis, Iran PDF Version [PDF - 317 KB - 2 pages]
A. Abdolrasouli et al.
Concurrent Tuberculosis and Influenza, South Korea PDF Version [PDF - 265 KB - 3 pages]
J. Noh et al.
Cronobacter Infections Not from Infant Formula, Taiwan PDF Version [PDF - 265 KB - 3 pages]
H. Tsai et al.
Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus pseudintermedius in Rats PDF Version [PDF - 266 KB - 2 pages]
C. Himsworth et al.