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Article Information — Burundi

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Title Volume Issue Article Type Year Month
Death Rates from Malaria Epidemics, Burundi and Ethiopia 13 1 Dispatch 2007 1
Dynamics of Cholera Outbreaks in Great Lakes Region of Africa, 1978–2008 17 11 Research 2011 11
Malaria Epidemics and Interventions, Kenya, Burundi, Southern Sudan, and Ethiopia, 1999–2004 12 10 Perspective 2006 10
Seroprevalence of Antibodies against Taenia solium Cysticerci among Refugees Resettled in United States 18 3 Research 2012 3
Jail Fever (Epidemic Typhus) Outbreak in Burundi 3 3 Dispatch 1997 9
Malaria on the Move: Human Population Movement and Malaria Transmission 6 2 Perspective 2000 4
Detection and Identification of Spotted Fever Group Rickettsiae and Ehrlichiae in African Ticks 7 6 Research 2001 12
Human Pathogens in Body and Head Lice 8 12 Dispatch 2002 12
Blackwater Fever in Children, Burundi 11 7 Dispatch 2005 7

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