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Article Information — Honduras

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Title Volume Issue Article Type Year Month
Tick-Borne Rickettsiosis in Traveler Returning from Honduras 15 8 Letter 2009 8
Rotavirus G9P[4] in 3 Countries in Latin America, 2009–2010 19 8 Letter 2013 8
Prolonged Detection of Zika Virus in Vaginal Secretions and Whole Blood 23 1 Dispatch 2017 1
Real-Time Evolution of Zika Virus Disease Outbreak, Roatán, Honduras 23 8 Dispatch 2017 8
Epidemic Cholera in the New World: Translating Field Epidemiology into New Prevention Strategies 1 4 Dispatch 1995 10
Risk for Transfusion-Transmitted Infectious Diseases in Central and South America 4 1 Perspective 1998 3

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