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Title Volume Issue Article Type Year Month
Rift Valley Fever in Namibia, 2010 19 12 Dispatch 2013 12
Novel Arenavirus Isolates from Namaqua Rock Mice, Namibia, Southern Africa 21 7 Dispatch 2015 7
Rift Valley Fever Virus among Wild Ruminants, Etosha National Park, Namibia, 2011 22 1 Dispatch 2016 1
Malaria Attributable to the HIV-1 Epidemic, Sub-Saharan Africa 11 9 Research 2005 9
MassTag Polymerase Chain Reaction for Differential Diagnosis of Viral Hemorrhagic Fevers 12 4 Dispatch 2006 4
Anthrax Epizootic in Wildlife, Bwabwata National Park, Namibia, 2017 25 5 Dispatch 2019 5

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