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Title Volume Issue Article Type Year Month
Isolation of MERS Coronavirus from a Dromedary Camel, Qatar, 2014 20 8 Dispatch 2014 8
Occupational Exposure to Dromedaries and Risk for MERS-CoV Infection, Qatar, 2013–2014 21 8 Dispatch 2015 8
MERS-CoV Infection of Alpaca in a Region Where MERS-CoV is Endemic 22 6 Letter 2016 6
Neurocysticercosis on the Arabian Peninsula, 2003–2011 19 1 Letter 2013 1
Full-Genome Deep Sequencing and Phylogenetic Analysis of Novel Human Betacoronavirus 19 5 Research 2013 5
Sensitive and Specific Detection of Low-Level Antibody Responses in Mild Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus Infections 25 10 Research 2019 10

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