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Volume 10, Number 1—January 2004


Escherichia coli Producing CTX-M-2 β-Lactamase in Cattle, Japan

Yutaka Shiraki*Comments to Author , Naohiro Shibata†, Yohei Doi†, and Yoshichika Arakawa†
Author affiliations: *Gifu Prefectural Office of Meat Inspection, Gifu, Japan; †National Institute of Infectious Diseases, Tokyo, Japan

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Table 1

Number of β-lactamase producers isolated from cattlea

Sample (no.)       Species Acidmetric β-lactamase test PCR
Total PC PC and CS CS
Feces (396) Escherichia coli 32 7 19 6   7 (CTX-M-2)
Citrobacter koseri 2 2 0 0   0
Swabb (270) E. coli 5 2 2 1   2 (CTX-M-2)
C. freundii 1 0 1 0   0

aPC, penicillinase; CS, cephalosporinase; PCR, polymerase chain reaction.
bSwab, surface swab of cattle carcass.

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