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Volume 10, Number 10—October 2004


West Nile Virus Economic Impact, Louisiana, 2002

Armineh Zohrabian*Comments to Author , Martin I. Meltzer*, Raoult Ratard†, Kaafee Billah*, Noelle A. Molinari*, Kakoli Roy*, R. Douglas Scott*, and Lyle R. Petersen*
Author affiliations: *Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, Georgia, USA; †Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

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Table 2

Source of data and number of West Nile virus (WNV) cases for which data were available and estimated number of all cases that incurred costs in a given cost category, Louisiana, 2002

Cost category Source Navailablea Ncost-availableb Ntotalc Ncost-totald
Acute care 12 hospitals with >3 adult patients 119 119 204 204
Rehabilitation facilities Patient's survey 139 19e 204 28
Hospital care 6 of 12 hospitals 159f 50 329 103
Doctors' visits Patient's survey 139 119 329 282
Rehabilitation facilities Patient's survey 139 43 204 63
Durable equipment Patient's survey 139 36 204 54
Productivity losses
Mortality Louisiana Office of Public Health data 24 NAg NA NA
Morbidity Patient survey 139 99 204 146
Nursing home Patient survey 139 5 204 7
Transportation Patient survey 139 139 329 329

aNavailable, number of patients for whom data were available from the indicated source, including cases with zero costs.
bNcost-available, number of patients who incurred costs in that particular category out of all patients for whom data were available.
cNtotal, number of patients who potentially could have incurred costs in the given cost category; for example, the number of all WNV cases in Louisiana, or the number of total central nervous system cases in Louisiana.
dNcost-total is estimated by the methods described in Appendix 1.
eThe cost of inpatient rehabilitation treatment was estimated based on seven patients' charges received from four acute-care hospital-based rehabilitation centers.
fOf the159 patients for whom hospital charges were available from the 12 acute care hospitals, 50 from 6 hospitals incurred costs for outpatient hospital treatment.
gNot applied.

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