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Volume 10, Number 12—December 2004


Differential Virulence of West Nile Strains for American Crows

Aaron C. Brault*†Comments to Author , Stanley A. Langevin*, Richard A. Bowen‡, Nicholas A. Panella*, Brad J. Biggerstaff*, Barry R. Miller*, and Nicholas Komar*
Author affiliations: *Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Fort Collins, Colorado, USA; †University of California, Davis, California, USA; ‡Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado, USA

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Table 5

Amino acid differences between the NY99 and KEN West Nile virus strainsa,b

Viral gene Amino acid position NY99 KEN
Capsida 3 Leu Asn
Capsid 8 Val Ala
Envelope 126 Ile Thr
Envelope 159 Val Ile
NS1 70 Ala Ser
NS2a 52 Thr Ala
NS2b 103 Val Ala
NS3 249 Pro Thr
NS3 356 Thr Ile
NS4a 85 Ala Val
NS4b 249 Glu Asp

aSource (17).
bKEN, West Nile virus strain from Kenya; Leu, leucine; Val, valine; Ile, isoleucine; Ala, alanine; Thr, threonine; Pro, proline; Glu, glutamine; Asn, asparagine; Ser, serine; Asp, aspartic acid.
cVariable structural amino acid residues have been designated by bold text.

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