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Volume 10, Number 6—June 2004


SARS and Common Viral Infections

Janice K. Louie*†1Comments to Author , Jill K. Hacker*1, Jennifer Mark*, Shilpa S. Gavali*, Shigeo Yagi†, Alex Espinosa†, David P. Schnurr†, Cynthia K. Cossen†, Erin R. Isaacson†, Carol A. Glaser†, Marc Fischer‡, Arthur L. Reingold†, Duc J. Vugia*†, and for the Unexplained DeathsCritical Illnesses Working Group
Author affiliations: *California Emerging Infections Program, Berkeley, California, USA; †California Department of Health Services, Berkeley, California, USA; ‡Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

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Table 2

Detection of respiratory pathogens by polymerase chain reaction (PCR), culture, and serologic testing for cases tested at the California Department of Health Servicesa

PCR (N = 151)
Culture (N = 154)
Serologic testingb (N = 78)
n (%) n (%) n (%)
Influenza A 27 (18)c 9 (6) 4 (5)d
Influenza B 1 (1) 1 (1) 1 (1)d
Respiratory syncytial virus 5 (3) 1 (1) 1 (1)d
Parainfluenza virus types 2–4 6 (5) 5 (4) 0
Human metapneumovirus 11 (7) 0 ND
Coronavirus OC43 1 (1) 0 ND
Coronavirus 229E 0 0 ND
Parainfluenza virus type 1 0 0 ND
Adenovirus 0 0 1 (1)d
Picornavirus 12 (8) 0 ND
Mycoplasma pneumoniae 0e ND 3 (4)c
Chlamydia spp. 0e ND 1 (1)
SARS-CoV 0 0 2 (3)
Total positive 63 (42) 16 (10) 13 (17)

aND, not done; SARS-CoV, severe acute respiratory syndrome–associated coronavirus.
bMeasured as a significant rise in immunoglobulin (Ig) G in paired serum samples for all specimens except one positive for M. pneumoniae IgM.
cSpecimens from one case-patient positive for influenza A (by PCR and culture) were also positive for M. pneumoniae IgM.
dOne specimen negative by culture.
eChlamydia pneumoniae PCRs were performed retrospectively only on specimens from patients with serologic evidence of M. pneumoniae (n = 3) and Chlamydia spp. (n = 1) infection.

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1Both authors contributed equally to this work.