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Volume 10, Number 9—September 2004


Yellow Fever Outbreak, Southern Sudan, 2003

Clayton O. Onyango*, Antoinette A. Grobbelaar†, Georgina V.F. Gibson†, Rosemary C. Sang*, Abdourahmane Sow‡, Robert Swanepoel†, and Felicity J. Burt†
Author affiliations: *World Health Organization Collaborating Centre for Arbovirus and Viral Hemorrhagic Fever Reference and Research at Kenya Medical Research Institute, Nairobi, Kenya; †National Institute for Communicable Diseases, Sandringham, Johannesburg, South Africa; ‡World Health Organization of Southern Sudan, Nairobi, Kenya

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History of yellow fever isolates included in the study

Strain Origin Year Source GenBank no.
SPU160/03/23 Sudan 2003 Human AY690831
SPU160/03/24 Sudan 2003 Human AY690832
SPU160/03/25 Sudan 2003 Human AY690833
14FA Angola 1971 Human AF369669
HD 38564 Burkina Faso 1983 Human AF369670
Serie 227 Ethiopia 1961 Human AF369674
85-82H Ivory Coast 1982 Human U54798
BC 7914 Kenya 1993 Human AF369676
IB AR 45244 Nigeria 1969 Mosquito AF369677
H117491 Nigeria 1987 Human AF369682
Rendu Senegal 1953 Human U89338
M 90-5 Sudan 1940 Human AF369692
M 112-4 Sudan 1940 Human AF369693
A 709-4-A2 Uganda 1948 Human AF369694
MR 896 Uganda 1948 Human U52422
SE 7445 Uganda 1964 Human AF369695
LSF 4 Zaire 1958 Human AF369697
SH1464 Senegal 1965 Human AF369688

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