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Volume 10, Number 9—September 2004


SARS Antibody Test for Serosurveillance

Po-Ren Hsueh*1, Chuan-Liang Kao*1, Cun-Nan Lee*, Li-Kuan Chen†, Mei-Shian Ho‡, Charles Sia§¶, Xin De Fang§, Shugene Lynn¶, Tseng Yuan Chang§, Shi Kau Liu§, Alan M. Walfield§, and Chang Yi Wang§¶Comments to Author 
Author affiliations: *National Taiwan University College of Medicine, Taipei, Taiwan; †Tsu Chi University, Hualien, Taiwan; ‡Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan; §United Biomedical, Inc., Hauppauge, New York, USA; ¶United Biomedical, Inc. Asia, Hsin Chu, Taiwan; 1Drs. Hsueh and Kao contributed equally to this article.

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Table 1

Sensitivity of peptide-based SARS-CoV ELISA from two patients at NTUa

Patient/day A450nm S/C ratio
SARS patient 1
  Day 0 0.119 0.44
  Day 11 1.638 6.09
  Day 17 2.447 9.10
  Day 38 2.749 10.22
  Day 97 2.600 9.67
SARS patient 2
  Day 0 0.068 0.25
  Day 6 0.163 0.61
  Day 16 0.345 1.28
  Day 27 1.212 4.51
  Day 116 >3.000 >9.40

aSARS, severe acute respiratory syndrome; CoV, coronavirus; ELISA, enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay; S/C = signal/cutoff ratio; NTU, National Taiwan University.

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