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Volume 10, Number 9—September 2004


Genetic Divergence and Dispersal of Yellow Fever Virus, Brazil

Pedro F.C. Vasconcelos*Comments to Author , Juliet E. Bryant†, Amelia P.A. Travassos da Rosa†, Robert B. Tesh†, Sueli G. Rodrigues*, and Alan D.T. Barrett†
Author affiliations: *World Health Organization Collaborating Center for Arbovirus Reference and Research, Instituto Evandro Chagas, Belém, Brazil; †University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston, Texas, USA

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Table A1

Virus isolates used in this study

Isolate Strain ID Passage levela Sourceb Statec Community Biotoped/Climatee
JSS Brazil35 (38) Mosq1, SM8 Humanunk MT No data WC/EHW
Be H111 Brazil54 (39) c6/36, SM10 Human * PA Oriboca EA/EHW
BeAr 162 Brazil55B SM4, C6/36#1 Hg. janthinomys PA Pirelli Marituba EA/EHW
BeAr 189 Brazil55C (39) sm1 c6/36#1 Sabethes sp. PA Pirelli Marituba EA/EHW
BeAn 23536 Brazil602 SM1 c6/36#1 Cebus sp. PA Belém Brasília Km94 EA/EHW
BeAr 46299 Brazil62A (39) c6/36 Haemagogus sp. PA Belém Brasília Km94 EA/EHW
BeAr 44824 Brazil62B (39) SM1 c6/36#1 Haemagogus sp. PA Belém Brasília km87 EA/EHW
BeAn142028 Brazil68A2 c6/36#1 Saguinus sp. PA Abaetetuba EA/EHW
BeH141816 Brazil68B SM3, c6/36#1 Humanunk PA Abaetetuba EA/EHW
BeAr142658 Brazil68C (39) SM2, c6/36#1 Haemagogus sp. PA Barcarena EA/EHW
BeAn142027 Brazil68D (39) Original Saguinus midas PA Abaetetuba EA/EHW
BeH171995 Brazil69A SM1 c6/36#1 Human + PA Belém EA/EHW
BeH203410 Brazil71 (39) SM2, c6/36#1 Humanunk PA Peixe Boi EA/EHW
BeAr233164 Brazil73A (39) Mosq 4 Hg. janthinomys GO Goiás WC/TMW
BeAr232869 Brazil73B (39) Mosq 1, SM2 Haemagogus sp. GO Goiás WC/TMW
BeAr233436 Brazil73C (39) Original Haemagogus sp. GO Bela Vista WC/TMW
BeH233393 Brazil73D SM1 c6/36#1 Human+ GO Mara Rosa WC/TMW
BeH291597 Brazil75 SM2, Mosq 1 Human + MT Aripuanã WC/EHW
BeAr301129 Brazil76A SM1 c6/36#1 Haemagogus sp. PA Alenquer EA/EHW
BeH301035 Brazil76B SM1 c6/36#1 Human * PA Alenquer EA/EHW
BeH324213 Brazil77 SM1 c6/36#1 Human * PA Altamira EA/EHW
BeH350698 Brazil78A (38,39) SM2, Mosq 1 Human unk PA Tomé Acu EA/EHW
BeAr350397 Brazil78B SM2, Mosq 1 Haemagogus sp. PA Faz. Cangalha Formosa EA/EHW
BeH340824 Brazil78C SM1 c6/36#1 Human + PA Belterra-Santarém EA/EHW
BeH371220 Brazil79A SM1 c6/36#1 Human + PA Altamira EA/EHW
BeAr378600 Brazil80A SM2, C6/36#1 Haemagogus sp. GO Uruacu WC/TMW
BeH385780 Brazil80B (39) SM1 c6/36#1 Human + PA Altamira EA/EHW
BeH379501 Brazil80C SM2 Human + MA Montes Altos NEW/EHS
BeH394880 Brazil81 Original, C6/36#1 Human * PA Conceição Araguaia EA/EHW
BeH403366 Brazil82A SM1 c6/36#1 Human + MA Amarante do Maranhão NEW/EHS
BeH405954 Brazil82B SM1 c6/36#1 Human * PA Altamira EA/EHW
BeH 413820 Brazil83 SM1 c6/36#1 Human + RO Porto Velho WA/EHW
BeH425381 Brazil84A (39) c6/36 Human + AP Tribo Oyampi NA/EHW
BeAn 424208 Brazil84B Original, C6/36#1 Chiropotes satanas PA Tucuruí EA/EHW
BeAr424719 Brazil84C SM1 c6/36#1 Haemagogus sp. PA S. Domingos EA/EHW
BeAr424083 Brazil84D SM1 c6/36#1 Hg. albomaculatus PA Monte Alegre EA/EHW
BeAr424492 Brazil84E SM1 c6/36#1 Hg. janthinomys PA Faro EA/EHW
BeH422255 Brazil84F SM1 c6/36#1 Human + PA Faro EA/EHW
BeH423602 Brazil84G SM1 c6/36#1 Human + PA S. Domingos EA/EHW
BeH422312 Brazil84H SM1 Human + PA Monte Alegre EA/EHW
BeH436823 Brazil85A SM1 c6/36#1 Human + MT Sinop WC/EHW
BeAr437159 Brazil85B SM1 c6/36#1 Hg. janthinomys MT Sinop WC/EHW
BeH463676 Brazil87 SM1 c6/36#1 Human + PA Breves EA/EHW
BeH474245 Brazil88A SM1 c6/36#1 Human + GO Caiapônia WC/TMW
BeH474297 Brazil88B SM1 c6/36#1 Human + MG Paracatu SE/TSS
BeH485717 Brazil89 SM1 c6/36#1 Human + MG Francisco Dumont SE/TSS
BeAr 511437 Brazil91A2 SM1, C30c6/36#1 Hg. janthinomys PA Barcarena EA/EHW
BeH511843 Brazil91B SM1, C6/36#2 Human + RR Tribo Yanomamy WA/EHS
BeAn 510268 Brazil91C SM1 c6/36#1 Alouatta sp. GO Goiás WC/TMW
BeAr 512943 Brazil92A (39) SM1 C6/36-1 Vero2 Hg. janthinomys MS Sidrolândia WC/TMW
BeAr513008 Brazil92B (39) SM1 c6/36#1 Sabethes sp. MS Sidrolândia WC/TMW
BeH512772 Brazil92C (39) SM2, C6/36#1 Human unk MS Campo Grande WC/TMW
BeAr513060 Brazil92D SM1 c6/36#1 Haemagogus sp. MS Campo Grande WC/TMW
BeAr 513292 Brazil92E (39) SM1 C6/36-1 Vero1 Sabethes cloropterus MS Jaraguarí WC/TMW
BeH520988 Brazil93A SM1 c6/36#1 Human + MA Barra do Corda NEW/EHS
BeH521244 Brazil93B SM1 c6/36#1 Human * MA Mirador NEW/EHS
BeAr 527785 Brazil94A (39) SM1 c6/36#1 Sabethes cloropterus MG Arinos SE/TSS
BeAr527198 Brazil94B (39) SM1 c6/36#1 Haemagogus sp. MG Arinos SE/TSS
BeAr527547 Brazil94C SM2, vero1 Haemagogus sp. PA Don Eliseu EA/EHW
BeH526722 Brazil94D SM2, c6/36#1 Human + MG Arinos SE/TSS
BeAr528057 Brazil94E Original, C6/36#1 Hg. janthinomys MG Arinos SE/TSS
BeAr527410 Brazil94F Original, C6/36#1 Hg. janthinomys MA Pastos Bons NEW/EHS
BeH535010 Brazil95 SM2, c6/36#1 Human + MA Pastos Bons NEW/EHS
BeAr 544276 Brazil96A (39) SM1 c6/36#1 Hg. janthinomys RO Cabixi WA/EHW
BeAn 604552 Brazil98A Original, C6/36#1 Alouatta belzebul PA Afua NA/EHW
BeAr603401 Brazil98B Original, C6/36#1 Hg. janthinomys PA Altamira EA/EHW
BeAr605158 Brazil98C SM1 c6/36#1 Hg. janthinomys PA Afuá NA/EHW
BeH603325 Brazil98D Original, C6/36#1 Human unk PA Afuá EA/EHW
BeH605427 Brazil98E SM1 c6/36#1 Human + PA Carajas EA/EHW
BeAr614320 Brazil99B SM2 Haemagogus sp. PA Breves NA/EHW
BeAr617127 Brazil99D SM1 c6/36#1 Hg. janthinomys TO Monte do Carmo EA/EHS
BeH613582 Brazil99E SM1 c6/36#1 Human * PA Breves NA/EHW
BeAr628124 Brazil00A (39) SM1 c6/36#1 Hg. janthinomys TO Paranã EA/EHS
BeH 622491 Brazil00B SM1 Human + DF Brasilia WC/THA
BeAn625923 Brazil00C Original, C6/36#1 Alouatta sp. GO Goiás WC/TMW
BeH 622205 Brazil0D SM1 c6/36#1 Human * GO Goiás WC/TMW
BeAr630768 Brazil01A SM1 Hg. janthinomys GO Alto Paraiso WC/TMW
BeAr631464 Brazil01B SM1 c6/36#1 Sa. chloropterus BA Jaborandi NED/THA
BeAr645693 Brazil01D SM1 c6/36#1 Haemagogus MG Uberaba SE/TSS

aPassage history of seed strain in collection. SM, suckling mouse.
bOutcome of human cases, unk = unknown, + = fatal, * = recovered.
cAP, Amapa; BA, Bahia; DF, Federal District; GO, Goiás; MA, Maranhão; MG, Minas Gerais; MS, Mato Grosso do Sul; MT, Mato Grosso; PA, Pará; RO, Rondônia; RR, Roraima; TO, Tocantins.
dEA, East Amazon; NA, Northern Amazon; NED, Northeast Dry; NEW, Northeast Wet; S, South; SE, Southeast; WA, West Amazon; WC, West-Central.
eEHW, equatorial, hot and wet; EHS, equatorial, hot and semi-wet; THA, tropical, hot and semi-arid; THW, tropical, semi-hot and wet; TMW, tropical, mesothermal, wet; TSW, tropical, semi-hot, wet; TSS, tropical, semi-hot and semi-wet.

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