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Volume 11, Number 10—October 2005


Community-associated Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, Minnesota, 2000–2003

Jessica M. Buck*Comments to Author , Kathryn Como-Sabetti*, Kathleen H. Harriman*, Richard N. Danila*, David J. Boxrud*, Anita Glennen*, and Ruth Lynfield*
Author affiliations: *Minnesota Department of Health, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

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Table 1

Community-associated methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus invasive infection sites and skin and soft tissue infection clinical manifestations

Site or manifestation No. (%)
Invasive infection site (n = 65)
Bloodstream infection
Without focus 25 (38)
With skin focus 6 (9)
With respiratory focus 2 (3)
Pleural fluid 3 (5)
Peritoneal fluid 2 (3)
Joint/bone 21 (32)
Other* 6 (9)
Skin and soft tissue clinical manifestation (n = 511†)
Abscess 251 (49)
Cellulitis 171 (33)
Folliculitis 28 (5)
Wound infection 27 (5)
Impetigo 11 (2)
Other‡ 62 (12)

*Other invasive isolate sources included brain tissue (1), lymph nodes (2), pancreatic aspirate (1), kidney abscess aspirate (1), and internal tissue (1).
†A total of 411 skin and soft tissue infection patients had clinical manifestations reported. Results include multiple clinical manifestations per patient.
‡Other skin clinical manifestations included psoriasis, mastitis, cystic acne, furuncles, carbuncles, insect/spider bites, and eczema.

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