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Volume 11, Number 10—October 2005


New Measles Genotype, Uganda

Apollo Muwonge*, Miriam Nanyunja*†, Paul A. Rota‡Comments to Author , Josephine Bwogi*, Luis Lowe‡, Stephanie L. Liffick‡, William J. Bellini‡, and Sempala Sylvester*
Author affiliations: *Uganda Virus Research Institute, Entebbe, Uganda; †World Health Organization, Kampala, Uganda; ‡Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

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Table 1

Wildtype measles viruses isolated in Uganda, 2000–2002*

WHO name and genotype Collection date
MVi/Kampala UGA/10.00-1[d10]† 3/5/2000
MVi/Kampala UGA/10.00-2[d10] 3/6/2000
MVi/Mpigi UGA/18.00[d10]† 4/27/2000
MVi/Kampala UGA/42.00-1[d10] 10/10/2000
MVi/Kampala UGA/42.00-2[d10] 10/16/2000
MVi/Kampala UGA/43.00-1[d10] 10/23/2000
MVi/Kampala UGA/43.00-2[d10] 10/23/2000
MVi/Kampala UGA/45.00[d10] 11/6/2000
MVi/Kampala UGA/46.00-1[d10] 11/8/2000
MVi/Kampala UGA/46.00-2[d10] 11/13/2000
MVi/Kampala UGA/49.00-1[d10] 11/28/2000
MVi/Kampala UGA/49.00-2[d10] 11/30/2000
MVi/Kampala UGA/50.00[d10] 12/11/2000
MVi/Kampala UGA/51.00-1[d10]‡ 12/12/2000
MVi/Kampala UGA/51.00-2[d10] 12/18/2000
MVi/Kampala UGA/51.00-3[d10]† 12/18/2000
MVi/Kampala UGA/51.00-4[d10] 12/18/2000
MVi/Kampala UGA/3.01[d10] 1/15/2001
MVi/Kampala UGA/4.01-1[d10]† 1/24/2001
MVi/Kampala UGA/4.01-2[d10] 1/24/2001
MVi/Kampala UGA/6.01[d10] 2/8/2001
MVi/Kampala UGA/8.01[d10] 2/22/2001
MVi/Kampala UGA/9.01[d10] 2/27/2001
MVi/Lira UGA/12.01[d10] 3/19/2001
MVi/Kampala UGA/12.01[d10] 3/25/2001
MVi/Kampala UGA/15.01-1[d10] 4/9/2001
MVi/Kampala UGA/15.01-2[d10] 4/10/2001
MVi/Kampala UGA/15.01-3[d10] 4/11/2001
MVi/Rakai UGA/17.01[d10] 4/23/2001
MVi/Mpigi UGA/18.01-1[d10] 5/4/2001
MVi/Mpigi UGA/18.01-2[d10] 5/4/2001
MVi/Mpigi UGA/18.01-3[d10] 5/5/2001
MVi/Kampala UGA/32.01-1[d10] 8/7/2001
MVi/Kampala UGA/32.01-2[d10] 8/7/2001
MVi/Wakiso UGA/32.01[d10] 8/8/2001
MVi/Jinja UGA/8.02[d10]† 2/24/2002

*WHO, World Health Organization.
†Members of the second, smaller cluster of Ugandan viruses.
‡Reference strain for proposed genotype d10.

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