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Volume 11, Number 2—February 2005


Quarantine for SARS, Taiwan

Ying-Hen Hsieh*Comments to Author , Chwan-Chuan King†, Cathy W. S. Chen‡, Mei-Shang Ho§, Jen-Yu Lee*, Feng-Chi Liu*, Yi-Chun Wu¶, and Jiunn-Shyan JulianWu
Author affiliations: *National Chung Hsing University, Taichung, Taiwan; †National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan; ‡Feng Cha University, Taichung, Taiwan; §Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan; ¶Center for Disease Control, Taipei, Taiwan

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Table 1

Cumulative numbers of persons under quarantine during the SARS outbreak, Taiwan, 2003, and the quarantined SARS patients classified by their status*

Level and reason for quarantine No. quarantined persons No. quarantined officially confirmed SARS-CoV case-patients No. quarantined laboratory confirmed, antibody positive SARS case-patients with
Level A
Family members 7,921 8 2
Classmates and teachers 16,564 1 0
Healthcare workers 2,409 0 3
Others† 19,224 6‡ 1
All others§ 9,514 2 1
Subtotal 55,632 17 7
Level B 95,828 0 0
Total 151,460 17 7

*Updated December 2004.
†Passengers and drivers of domestic public transportation traveling for >1 hour in the same bus or train cabin with a SARS case-patient, persons who had contacts with someone under quarantine or receiving care in a medical facility where cluster infection had occurred, and homeless persons.
‡Co-workers and friends of SARS case-patients, airplane passengers who sat within 3 rows of or stayed in the same room as SARS patients, and persons with missing information.
§One case-patient had onset of symptoms 2 days after the end of quarantine.

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