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Volume 11, Number 2—February 2005


Lack of H5N1 Avian Influenza Transmission to Hospital Employees, Hanoi, 2004

Nguyen Thanh Liem*, Wilina Lim†, and World Health Organization International Avian Influenza Investigation TeamVietnam
Author affiliations: *National Pediatric Hospital, Hanoi, Vietnam; †Department of Health, Hong Kong, Special Administrative Region, China

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Table 2

Protective equipment used by hospital employees while examining or caring for H5N1 patients

Equipment n (%)
Mask (N = 77)
Always 73 (94.8)
Not always 2 (2.6)
Never 2 (2.6)
Types of masks (N = 75)*
N95 65 (86.7)
Surgical 55 (73.3)
N92 2 (2.7
Other 8 (10.7)
Eye protection (N = 76)
Always 24 (31.6)
Not always 15 (19.7)
Never 37 (55.2)
Type of eye protection (N = 39)
Glasses 36 (92.3)
Face shield 3 (7.7)
Gloves (N = 78)
Always 48 (61.5)
Not always 21 (26.9
Never 9 (11.5)

*Use of multiple respirators or masks at different times possible.

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1World Health Organization (WHO) International Avian Influenza Investigation Team, Vietnam: Bach Huy Anh (Hanoi Medical University), Philippe Barboza (Institut de Veille Sanitaire, France), Niranjan Bhat (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, USA [CDC]), Arnold Bosman (EPIET, National Institute for Public Health and the Environment, Netherlands), Sofia Boqvist (Smittskyddsinstitutet, Sweden), Rick Brown (Asian Development Bank), Pascale Brudon (WHO), Philippe Calain (WHO), Maria Cheng (WHO), Aaron Curns (CDC), Valerie Delpech (Health Protection Agency, UK), Robert Dietz (WHO), Nguyen Cong Doan (CDC), United States), Rodger Doran (WHO), Mirna Du Ry van Beest Holle (European Programme for Intervention Epidemiology Training, EPIET), Joel Francart, Keiji Fukuda (CDC), Amy Wolkin (CDC), Tom Grein (WHO), Patrice Gautier (Vetérinaires sans frontières, Vietnam), Futoshi Hasebe (Asian Development Bank), Peter Horby (WHO), Shigeyuki Itamura (National Institute for Infectious Diseases, Japan), Veronique Jestin (OIE), Donna Mak (Centre for International Health, Australia), Noel Miranda (SERVAC, Philippines), Hitoshi Oshitani (WHO), Takehiko Saito (National Institute for Infectious Diseases, Japan), Taronna Maines (CDC), Reiko Saito (Nigata University, Japan), James Mark Simmerman (CDC), Terry Tumpey (CDC), Timothy Uyeki (CDC).