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Volume 11, Number 6—June 2005


Community-associated Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus in Hospital Nursery and Maternity Units

Simona Bratu*, Antonella Eramo†, Robert Kopec‡, Elizabeth Coughlin‡, Monica Ghitan‡, Robert Yost‡, Edward K. Chapnick‡, David Landman*Comments to Author , and John Quale*
Author affiliations: *State University of New York-Downstate, Brooklyn, New York, USA; †Long Island College Hospital, Brooklyn, New York, USA; ‡Maimonides Medical Center, Brooklyn, New York, USA

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Table 1

Clinical information for patients with methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus infection during the outbreak period

Patient Age at onset Sex Strain Infection type Initial therapy Definitive therapy
P1, newborn 8 d F USA 400 Preseptal cellulitis Nafcillin, cefotaxime Topical gentamicin
P2, newborn 13 d F USA 400 Omphalitis, otitis externa Ampicillin, cefotaxime Topical mupirocin
P3, mother 33 y F USA 400 Breast abscess Cefazolin Surgical drainage, vancomycin, topical mupirocin
P4, newborn 2 d M USA 400 Omphalitis, pustulosis Nafcillin Gentamicin Gentamicin, topical mupirocin
P5, newborn 4 d M USA 400 Pustulosis Cephalexin Topical bacitracin
P6, newborn 2 d M USA 400 Pustulosis None Local wound care
P7, newborn 1 d F USA 400 Pustulosis, mastitis Topical mupirocin Vancomycin
P8, mother 24 y F Unique Peripheral IV catheter site Cefazolin Trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole, catheter removal

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