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Volume 11, Number 6—June 2005


Rifampin-resistant Meningococcal Disease

Jean Rainbow*Comments to Author , Elizabeth Cebelinski*, Joanne Bartkus*, Anita Glennen*, Dave Boxrud*, and Ruth Lynfield*
Author affiliations: *Minnesota Department of Health, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

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Table 1

Rifampin phenotype and genotype of Neisseria meningitidis isolates

Strain Description Rifampin MIC (μg/mL) Amino acid change*
MDH02-2342 Sporadic rifampin-susceptible serogroup C case isolate 0.004† None (WT)
MDH02-2271 Sporadic rifampin-susceptible serogroup B case isolate <0.002† None (WT)
MDH97-498 Isolate from sporadic rifampin-resistant serogroup B case in 1996 >4,† >32‡ His552Tyr§
MDH02-2398 First sibling's isolate: rifampin susceptible, serogroup C 0.008† None (WT)
MDH02-2408 Second sibling's isolate: rifampin resistant, serogroup C >1,† >32‡ Ser548Phe§

*WT, wildtype.
†Determined by broth microdilution.
‡Determined by Etest.
§Numbering based on the entire N. meningitidis rpoB gene (GenBank accession no. Z54353). Accession numbers of isolate sequences submitted to GenBank: MDH02-2342 (AY746965), MDH02-2271 (AY746964), MDH97-498 (AY746963), MDH02-2398 (AY746966), MDH02-2408 (AY746967).

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