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Volume 12, Number 2—February 2006


Epizootiologic Parameters for Plague in Kazakhstan

Michael Begon*Comments to Author , Nikolay Klassovskiy†, Vladimir Ageyev†, Bakhtiar Suleimenov†, Bakhyt Atshabar†, and Malcolm Bennett*
Author affiliations: *University of Liverpool, Liverpool, United Kingdom; †Kazakh Scientific Centre for Quarantine and Zoonotic Diseases, Almaty, Kazakhstan

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Table 3

Estimates of coefficients, standard errors, and significance based on t tests for optimal generalized linear model for variations in antibody titer among seropositive animals

Comparator Effect Estimate Standard error t value p(>|t|) value*
Intercept 8.13 0.38 21.66 <2 × 10-16
Autumn Other –1.81 0.36 –5.07 6.74 × 10-7
Adult Subadult 0.47 0.34 1.37 0.17
Adult Juvenile –0.76 0.52 –1.46 0.15
Not recaptured? Recaptured 0.47 0.26 1.78 0.077

*Probability of exceeding the t value by chance alone.

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