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Volume 12, Number 2—February 2006


Novel Dengue Virus Type 1 from Travelers to Yap State, Micronesia

Yoko Nukui*†, Shigeru Tajima*, Akira Kotaki*, Mikako Ito*, Tomohiko Takasaki*, Kazuhiko Koike†, and Ichiro Kurane*Comments to Author 
Author affiliations: *National Institute of Infectious Diseases, Tokyo, Japan; †University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan

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Table 1

Dengue virus (DENV) strains used in the study

Virus Strain Origin Year isolated Genbank accession no.
DENV-1 NIID04-27 Yap Island 2004 AB204803
DENV-1 NIID03-41 Republic of Seychelles 2003 AB195673
DENV-1 FGA/89 French Guiana 1989 AF226687
DENV-1 BR/90 Brazil 1990 AF226685
DENV-1 BR/97-111 Brazil 1997 AF311956
DENV-1 BR/01-MR Brazil 2001 AF513110
DENV-1 Abidjan Côte d'Ivoire 1998 AF298807
DENV-1 Mochizuki Japan 1943 AB074760
DENV-1 S275/90 Singapore 1990 M87512
DENV-1 16007 Thailand 1964 AF180817
DENV-1 GZ/80 China 1980 AF350498
DENV-1 A88 Indonesia 1988 AB074761
DENV-1 Cambodia Cambodia 1998 AF309641
DENV-1 Djibouti Ethiopia 1998 AF298808
DENV-1 West Pac 74 Nauru 1974 U88535
DENV-1 98901530 Indonesia 1998 AB189121
DENV-1 98901518 Indonesia 1998 AB189120
DENV-1 259par00 Paraguay 2000 AF514883
DENV-1 295arg00 Argentina 2000 AF514885
DENV-1 ARG9920 Argentina 1999 AY277664
DENV-1 NIID02-20 Thailand 2002 AB178040
DENV-1 99-36-1HuNIID Paraguay 1999 AB111065
DENV-1 01-27-1HuNIID The Philippines 2001
DENV-1 01-32-1HuNIID The Philippines 2001
DENV-1 01-36-1HuNIID Singapore, Malaysia 2001 AB111067
DENV-1 01-42-1HuNIID Thailand, Cambodia 2001 AB111069
DENV-1 01-44-1HuNIID Tahiti 2001 AB111070
DENV-1 01-54-1HuNIID India 2001
DENV-1 01-54b-1HuNIID India 2001
DENV-1 01-61-1HuNIID Cambodia 2001 AB111071
DENV-1 01-65-1HuNIID Thailand 2001 AB111072
DENV-1 01-66-1HuNIID Thailand 2001
DENV-2 DENtype2-TB16i Indonesia 2004 AY858036
DENV-3 DENtype3-TB55i Indonesia 2004 AY858048
DENV-4 DENtype4-8976/95 Indonesia 2004 AY762085

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