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Volume 12, Number 2—February 2006


Introductions of West Nile Virus Strains to Mexico

Eleanor Deardorff*, José G. Estrada-Franco*, Aaron C. Brault†, Roberto Navarro-Lopez‡, Arturo Campomanes-Cortes‡, Pedro Paz-Ramirez‡, Mario Solis-Hernandez‡, Wanichaya N. Ramey†, C. Todd Davis*, David W.C. Beasley*, Robert B. Tesh*, Alan D.T. Barrett*, and Scott C. Weaver*Comments to Author 
Author affiliations: *University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston, Texas, USA; †University of California, Davis, California, USA; ‡Comisión México-Estados Unidos para la Prevención de la Fiebre Aftosa y Otras Enfermedades Exóticas de los Animales, Mexico City, Mexico

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West Nile virus isolates included in the phylogenetic analyses*

GenBank No. Strain Year Host Location†
AB185914 (NY)I 1999 Not reported New York
AB185915 (NY)II 1999 Not reported New York
AB185916 (NY)III 1999 Not reported New York
AB185917 (NY)IV 1999 Not reported New York
AF196835 NY '99 1999 Flamingo New York
AF202541 NY 1999 Human New York
AF206518 2741 1999 Connecticut
AF260967 NY99-eqhs 1999 Equine New York
AF260968 Eg101 1951 Human Egypt
AF260969 RO97-50 1996 Romania
AF317203 VLG-4 1999 Human Russia
AF404753 crow265 2000 Crow Maryland
AF404754 MQ5488 2000 New Jersey
AF404755 grouse3282 2000 Grouse New York
AF404756 crow3356 2000 Crow New York
AF404757 Italy equine 1998 Equine Italy
AF481864 IS-98 STD 1998 Store Israel
AF533540 US Hum. 1 2001 Human New York
AY185911 V1151 2002 Mosquito Texas
AY262283 Kenya3829 1998 Mosquito Kenya
AY268132 PaAn001 2000 Equine France
AY268133 PaH001 1997 Human Tunisia
AY277252 27889 2003 Human Russia
AY278441 Ast99-901 1999 Human Russia
AY278442 Vlg00 27924 2000 Human Russia
AY289214 TVP 8533 2002 Human Beaumont, Texas
AY490240 Chin-01 2003 Not reported China
AY660002 TM171-03 2003 Raven Tabasco
AY701412 96-111 1996 Equine Morocco
AY701413 04.05 2003 Equine Morocco
AY712945 Bird 1153 2003 Bird Harris Co., Texas
AY712946 Bird 1171 2003 Bird Harris Co., Texas
AY712947 Bird 1461 2003 Bird Harris Co., Texas
AY712948 v4369 2003 Mosquito Harris Co., Texas
AY842931 385-99 1999 Not reported New York
D00246 Kunjin MRM61C 1960 Culex spp. Australia
M12294 Uganda WNFCG 1937 Human Uganda
DQ080070 TVP 9115 2003 Grackle Sonora, Mexico
DQ080069 TVP 9117 2003 Horse Tamaulipas
DQ080068 TVP 9218 2003 Blue heron Baja California, Mexico
DQ080067 TVP 9219 2003 Green heron Baja California, Mexico
DQ080066 TVP 9220 2003 Cormorant Baja California, Mexico
DQ080065 TVP 9221 2003 Grackle Baja California, Mexico
DQ080064 TVP 9222 2003 Coot Baja California, Mexico
DQ080063 TVP 9223 2003 Pigeon Baja California, Mexico
DQ080060 Cc 2004 Raven Baja California, Mexico
DQ080072 FL232 2001 Catbird Palm Beach Co., Florida
DQ080071 FL234 2002 Equine Sumter Co., Florida
DQ080062 TWN 165 2002 Mosquito Iberia Co., Louisiana
DQ080061 TWN 496 2004 Northern cardinal Iberia Co., Louisiana
DQ080051 AZ-03-1623 2003 Cohise Co., Arizona
DQ080052 Az-03-1681 2003 Cx. tarsalis Maricopoa Co., Arizona
DQ080053 Az-03-1799 2003 Cx. tarsalis Apache Co., Arizona
DQ080054 CA-03 GRLA 2003 Cx. quinquefasciatus Los Angeles, California
DQ080055 CA-03 IMPR 102 2003 Imperial Valley, California
DQ080056 CA-03 IMPR 1075 2003 Cx. tarsalis Imperial Valley, California
DQ080057 CA-03S0333081 2003 Crow Arcadia, California
DQ080058 CA-03S0334814 2003 Crow Arcadia, California
DQ080059 CA-04 04-7168 2003 Yellow-billed magpie Sacramento, California

*Newly sequenced strains are printed in bold text.
†Locality and state (Mexico and United States) or country of isolation.

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