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Volume 12, Number 5—May 2006


Aedes aegypti Larval Indices and Risk for Dengue Epidemics

Lizet Sanchez*, Veerle Vanlerberghe†, Lázara Alfonso*, María del Carmen Marquetti*, María Guadalupe Guzman*, Juan Bisset*, and Patrick van der Stuyft†
Author affiliations: *Tropical Medicine Institute "Pedro Kouri," Havana, Cuba; †Institute of Tropical Medicine, Antwerp, Belgium

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Table 3

OR for dengue transmission at the optimal cutoff values of the BI, Playa Municipality, Havana, 2000*

Index and cutoff value† OR (95% CI)
July–August 2000 inspection cycle (before epidemic)
BI per block >0
September transmission 2.57 (0.57–11.70)
October transmission 1.69 (0.58–4.94)
BI per neighborhood >1
September transmission 3.00 (0.66–14.17)
October transmission 1.08 (0.40–2.90)
September transmission 6.00 (1.09–32.98)‡
October transmission
1.21 (0.45–3.25)
September–October 2000 inspection cycle (during epidemic)
BI per block >0
October transmission 3.49 (1.20–10.10)‡
BI per neighborhood >1
October transmission 5.06 (1.46–17.38)‡
October transmission 3.44 (1.23–9.63)‡

*OR, odds ratio; BI, Breteau index; CI, confidence interval; BImax, maximum BI at the block level for each neighborhood.
†Optimal cutoff value determined as specified in Methods.

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