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Volume 12, Number 5—May 2006


Enterobacter cloacae Outbreak and Emergence of Quinolone Resistance Gene in Dutch Hospital

Armand Paauw*Comments to Author , Ad C. Fluit*, Jan Verhoef*, and Maurine A. Leverstein-van Hall*
Author affiliations: *University Medical Center, Utrecht, the Netherlands

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Oligonucleotides used for polymerase chain reaction amplification and sequencing

Target Primer 5´–3´ sequences GenBank accession no. Nucleotide positions Annealing temperature (°C) Amplicon size (bp) Source
QnrA qnrAR AGG AAG CGC CGC TGA GAT TG AY070235 762–743 56 281 This study
qnrAF CTA TGC CGA TCT GCG CGA TG AY070235 482–501 This study
aadB-3´CS aadB TGG AGG AGT TGG ACT AT AY173047 251–267 55 432 This study
3´CS AAG CAG ACT TGA CCT GA M73819 1342–1326 (15)
blaCTX-M-: most ctx-m-uni-F CGA TGT GCA GTA CCA GTA A U95364 214–232 50 538 This study
ctx-m-uni-R ATA TCG TTG GTG GTG CC U95364 751–735 This study
blaCTX-M-: 2,4,5,6,7,20,Toho-1 ctx-m-2F ATG ATG ACT CAG AGC ATT CG X92507 6–25 58 884 (16)
ctx-m-2R TTA TTG CAT CAG AAA CCG TG X92507 889–870 (16)
blaCTX-M-: 3,10,11,12,15,22,25 ctx-m-10-1F ATG GTT AAA AAA TCA CTG CG X92506 63–82 60 872 This study
ctx-m-10-4R AAA CCG TTG GTG ACG AT X92506 934–918 This study
blaCTX-M-: 9,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,24,Toho-2 and –3 ctx-m-9F AGA CGA GTG CGG TGC AGC AA AJ416345 217–236 67 773 This study
ctx-m-9R GAT TCT CGC CGC TGA AGC CA AJ416345 989–970 This study
Sequence blaCTX-M-9 group ctx-m-9-1F TGG TGA CAA AGA GAG TGC AAC G AJ416345 133–154 This study
ctx-m-9-MF GGA GGC GTG ACG GCT TTT AJ416345 576–593 This study
ctx-m-9-MR AAA AGC CGT CAC GCC TCC AJ416345 593–576 This study
ctx-m-9-4R TCA CAG CCC TTC GGC GAT AJ416345 1007–990 This study

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