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Volume 12, Number 5—May 2006


Molecular Characterization of Rotavirus Gastroenteritis Strains, Iraqi Kurdistan

Herish M. Ahmed*†‡, J. Brian S. Coulter*, Osamu Nakagomi†§, C.A. Hart†Comments to Author , Jamal M. Zaki‡, Abas A. Al-Rabaty‡, Winifred Dove†, and Nigel A. Cunliffe†
Author affiliations: *Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, Liverpool, UK; †University of Liverpool, Liverpool, UK; ‡Erbil Paediatric Hospital, Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan; §Nagasaki University, Nagasaki, Japan

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Rotavirus genotypes and electropherotypes*

Genotype No.(%) fully typeable strains Electropherotype†
P[4]G2 8 (15) Short (7/8)
P[6]G1 6 (11) Long (5/6)
P[6]G4 1 (2) ND
P[6]G9 1 (2) Long
P[8]G1 19 (33) Long (13/19)
P[8]G4 12 (21) Long (12/12)
P[8]G9 6 (11) Long (4/6); short (1/6)
P[6]GNT 2 Long (2/2)
P[8]GNT 4 Long (2/4)
P[NT]G2 3 Short (3/3)

*Four rotavirus infections were mixed: P[8]G1/G2 (2), P[4]G2/G4 and P[4]/[8]G1/G2.
†Indicates number of strains electropherotypeable in the genotype combination; ND, not determined.

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