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Volume 13, Number 11—November 2007


Primary versus Nonprimary Cytomegalovirus Infection during Pregnancy, Israel

Galia Rahav*1Comments to Author , Rinat Gabbay*, Asher Ornoy*†, Svetlana Shechtman†, Judith Arnon†, and Orna Diav-Citrin†
Author affiliations: *Hadassah Medical Center–Hebrew University School of Medicine, Jerusalem, Israel; †Israel Ministry of Health, Jerusalem, Israel;

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Table 2

Characteristics of aborted fetuses and neonates with congenital CMV disease*

Case no. Maternal infection Maternal symptoms Week of infection US AF Outcome, wk Natal/abortion status Follow-up, 2 y
1 Primary Flu <20 IUGR microcephaly + Live born, 38 Congenital disease Sensorineural hearing loss, PMR
2 Primary None <18 Hyperechoic bowel ND Abortion, 19 Postmortem: disseminated CMV
3 Primary Fever 7 Hyperechoic bowel + Abortion, 23 Postmortem: disseminated CMV
4 Primary Fever 12 None + Abortion, 24 Postmortem: disseminated CMV
5 Nonprimary (group 1) None Unclear IUGR ND Live born, 38 Brain calcifications PMR
6 Nonprimary (group 1) Flu 22 Tricuspid regurgitation ND Abortion, 33 Postmortem: disseminated CMV
7 Nonprimary (group 1) Fever 20 IUGR pericardial fluid, brain calcifications + Abortion, 30 Postmortem: disseminated CMV
8 Nonprimary (group 1) Flu <20 None + Live born, 40 Congenital disease PMR
9 Nonprimary (group 2) Fever 12 ND + Abortion, 24 Postmortem: disseminated CMV
10 Nonprimary (group 2) Flu 4 ND ND Live born, 38 Congenital disease Sensorineural hearing loss, PMR
11 Nonprimary (group 2) None 14 Liver calcifications + Abortion, 24 Postmortem: disseminated CMV

*CMV, cytomegalovirus; US, ultrasonograph; AF, amniotic fluid; IUGR, intrauterine growth retardation; +, positive according to PCR, culture, or both; ND, not done; PMR, psychomotor retardation.

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1Current affiliation: Sheba Medical Center, Tel-Hashomer, Israel