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Volume 13, Number 2—February 2007


Meningococcal Disease in South Africa, 1999–2002

Garry B. Coulson*, Meningeal Disease Surveillance in South AfricaComments to Author , Mignon du Plessis*, Anthony M. Smith*, Linda de Gouveia*, Keith P. Klugman*†, Anne von Gottberg*Comments to Author , and for the Group for EntericRespiratoryGERMS-SA
Author affiliations: *National Institute for Communicable Diseases of the National Health Laboratory Service, Johannesburg, South Africa; †Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia, USA;

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Table 2

Genotypic data of Neisseria meningitidis isolates causing invasive disease as reported in South Africa, August 1999 through July 2002*

SerogroupPFGE clustersNo. of isolates
MLST results
1999/2000, n2000/2001, n2001/2002, nTotal, N (%)STST complexn
Cluster A-153470109 (89)1ST-1/subgroup I/II12
Small clusters/single isolates84214 (11)7ST-5/subgroup III complex2
254ST-254 complex1
Cluster B-138282591 (38)33ST-32/ET-5 complex4
4239ST-32/ET-5 complex1
Cluster B-21271029 (12)154ST-41/44/lineage III2
4242ST-41/44/lineage III1
Cluster B-3119323 (9.5)
Cluster B-474617 (7)35ST-35 complex1
Cluster B-536514 (6)
Small clusters/single isolates3623968 (28)
Cluster C-155515 (31)11ST-11/ET-37 complex2
Cluster C-23249 (18)865None2
Cluster C-34149 (18)33ST-32/ET-5 complex2
Small clusters/single isolates84416 (33)
Cluster W-1571023 (74)11ST-11/ET-37 complex4
Cluster W-22103 (10)4241ST-4241/ST-22 complex1
Small clusters/single isolates2135 (16)
Cluster Y-128253992 (72)175None6
Cluster Y-258619 (15)23ST-23 complex/cluster A32
4245ST-23 complex/cluster A31
Small clusters/single isolates75517 (13)175None1

*PFGE, pulsed-field gel electrophoresis; MLST, multilocus sequence typing; ST, sequence type.

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1GERMS-SA: Sandeep Vasaikar (Eastern Cape); Nolan Janse van Rensberg, Peter Smith (Free State); Khatija Ahmed, Heather Crewe-Brown, Mike Dove, Charles Feldman, Alan Karstaedt, Olga Perovic, Pyu-Pyu Sein, Ruth Lekalakala (Gauteng); Wim Sturm (KwaZulu Natal); Ken Hamese (Limpopo); Keith Bauer (Mpumalanga); Denise Roditi, Rena Hoffmann, Lynne Liebowitz, John Simpson, Andrew Whitelaw (Western Cape); Adrian Brink (AMPATH); Claire Heney (Lancet); Martinus Senekal (PathCare).