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Volume 13, Number 2—February 2007


Neutralizing Antibodies after Infection with Dengue 1 Virus

Gustavo Kourí*Comments to Author , Mayling Alvarez*, Rosmari Rodriguez-Roche*, Lídice Bernardo*, Tibaire Montes†, Susana Vazquez*, Luis Morier*, Angel Alvarez*, Ernest A Gould‡, Maria G. Guzman*Comments to Author , and Scott B Halstead§
Author affiliations: *“Pedro Kourí” Tropical Medicine Institute, Havana, Cuba; †Instituto Medicina Tropical, Caracas, Venezuela; ‡Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, Oxford, United Kingdom; §Pediatric Dengue Vaccine Initiative, Bethesda, Maryland, USA;

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Table 2

Neutralization of dengue viruses by dengue virus 1–immune serum collected 4–8 years (group 1) and 20–22 years (group 2) after primary infection*

Serotype (strain)Group 1
Group 2
Positivity (%)GMTPositivity (%)GMT
DENV-1 (Jamaica/77)50 (100)9389 (100)140.6
DENV-2 (A15/81)6 (12)5.519 (21)6.5
DENV-2 (I348600)36 (72)†3040 (45)‡10.2
DENV-3 (116/00)4 (8)5.69 (10)5.9
DENV-4 (Dominica)1 (2)5.113 (15)6.2

*GMT, geometric mean titer; DENV, dengue virus.

†p<0.00001 compared with DENV-2 (A15/81), DENV-3, and DENV-4 viruses in group 1.

‡p<0.01–0.0001 compared with DENV-2 (A15/81), DENV-3, and DENV-4 viruses in group 2.

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