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Volume 13, Number 2—February 2007


Code-based Syndromic Surveillance for Influenzalike Illness by International Classification of Diseases, Ninth Revision

Nicola Marsden-Haug*1, Virginia B. Foster*, Philip L. Gould†, Eugene Elbert*2, Hailiang Wang*, and Julie A. Pavlin*3Comments to Author 
Author affiliations: *Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, Silver Spring, Maryland, USA; †Air Force Institute for Operational Health, Brooks City Base, Texas, USA;

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Table 4

Laboratory specimens matched with outpatient visit data, Air Force data, June 2001–June 2003*†

ICD-9 codeDescriptionNo.% Positive for any viral respiratory pathogen% Positive for influenza A or B
079.99Viral infection NOS*7835140
466.0Bronchitis, acute1463915
486Pneumonia, organism NOS2384012
465.9Infectious upper respiratory, multiple sites, acute NOS1,2516120
461.9Acute sinusitis, unspecified664728
382.9Otitis media NOS513127
460Nasopharyngitis, acute2863623
490Bronchitis NOS263926
487.1Influenza with respiratory manifestation NEC3725449
487.8Influenza with manifestation NEC464643
487.0Influenza with pneumonia410075
465.8Infectious upper respiratory, multiple sites, acute NEC386828
466.11Bronchiolitis due to respiratory syncytial virus33619
466.19Bronchiolitis, acute, due to other infectious organism88303
480.2Pneumonia due to parainfluenza0NANA
462Pharyngitis, acute6374013
480.1Pneumonia due to respiratory syncytial virus200
382.00Otitis media, acute suppurative NOS304730
480.9Viral pneumonia unspecified54040
478.9Disease, upper respiratory NEC/NOS11000
461.8Other acute sinusitis0NANA
465.0Laryngopharyngitis, acute3670
484.8Pneumonia in other infectious disease NEC100
480.8Pneumonia due to virus NEC65016
079.89Viral infection, NEC333633
485Bronchopneumonia, organism NOS0NANA
464.20Laryngotracheitis, acute without obstruction0NANA
463Acute tonsillitis57460
784.1Pain, throat14140
464.10Tracheitis, acute, without obstruction100
480.0Pneumonia due to adenovirus0NANA
464.00Laryngitis, acute, without obstruction200

*International Classification of Diseases, Ninth Revision (ICD-9); NOS, not otherwise specified; NEC, not elsewhere classified (as listed in the ICD-9); NA, not .assessed.
†Laboratory specimen data matched with outpatient visit data in Air Force analysis, June 2001–June 2003.

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1Current affiliation: Tacoma–Pierce County Health Department, Tacoma, Washington, USA

2Current affiliation: US Census Bureau, Suitland, Maryland, USA

3Current affiliation: Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences, Bethesda, Maryland, USA