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Volume 14, Number 12—December 2008


Sin Nombre Virus Infection in Deer Mice, Channel Islands, California

John L. OrrockComments to Author  and Brian F. Allan
Author affiliations: Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri, USA

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Sin Nombre virus in Peromyscus maniculatus mice on 4 Channel Islands, California, May 3–15, 2007*

Island* No. trap nights Prevalence, %
2007 1994
East Anacapa† 180 0 0
San Miguel‡ 104 26.3 17.9
Santa Barbara§ 216 0 0
Santa Rosa¶ 216 47.6 58

*The number of captured mice that were sampled for Sin Nombre virus (SNV) was 23 on East Anacapa, 19 on San Miguel Island, 15 on Santa Barbara Island, and 21 on Santa Rosa Island. The 1994 data in the table are from a study by Jay et al. (2) and are included for comparison purposes.
†East Anacapa: 34º00'56"N/119º21'49"W.
‡San Miguel: 34º02'18"N/120º20'54"W.
§Santa Barbara: 33º28'30"N/119º02'12"W.
¶Santa Rosa: 34º00'03"N/120º03'30”W.

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