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Volume 14, Number 3—March 2008


Mutations in Influenza A Virus (H5N1) and Possible Limited Spread, Turkey, 2006

Ender Altiok*†Comments to Author , Fulya Taylan*†, Osman Ş. Yenen‡, Gülşah Demirkeser*, Mürvet Bozaci‡, Derya Önel‡, Birsen Akcadag§, A. Selma Iyisan§, Meral Ciblak‡, Emel Bozkaya‡, Sirin Yuksel*, and Selim Badur‡
Author affiliations: *Acibadem Genetic Diagnosis Center, Istanbul, Turkey; †Boğaziçi University, Istanbul, Turkey; ‡Istanbul University School of Medicine, Istanbul, Turkey; §Pendik Veterinary Control and Research Institute, Istanbul, Turkey;

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Mutations in avian and human influenza A virus (H5N1) isolates from Turkey*

Isolate Mutations
FK† D158, S227 E627K, Q447L I28V, I42T
MAK† D158N, S227N E627K, R46K, Q447L, N556K I28V, I42T
MYS‡ D158, S133A, S227 I28V
SU§ D158, S227 E627K I28V, I42T
13§ D158, S227 E627K I28V, I42T
20§ D158, S227 E627K I28V, I42T

*HA, hemagglutinin; PB2, RNA polymerase; M2, matrix 2 protein.
†Human isolates from the second outbreak.
‡Chicken isolate from the first outbreak.
§Chicken isolates from the second outbreak.

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