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Volume 14, Number 3—March 2008

Molecular Epidemiology of Eastern Equine Encephalitis Virus, New York

David S. Young*, Laura D. Kramer*†, Joseph G. Maffei*, Robert J. Dusek‡, P. Bryon Backenson*†, Christopher N. Mores§, Kristen A. Bernard*†, and Gregory D. Ebel¶Comments to Author 
Author affiliations: *New York State Department of Health, Albany, New York, USA; †School of Public Health, Albany, New York, USA; ‡National Wildlife Health Center, Madison, Wisconsin, USA; §University of Florida, Vero Beach, Florida, USA; ¶University of New Mexico School of Medicine, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

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Table A1

Eastern equine encephalitis virus strains collected during the current and past epizootics, USA

Strain Designation* Strain Location Date Collected Source Passage History† Accession no.
VA33 TenBroeck Virginia 1933 Horse sm12, v1 U01558
MA38 Massachusetts Massachusetts 1938 Human unknown AF159550
LA47 Decuir Louisiana 1947 Human P1 U01552
LA50 Arth-167 Louisiana 1950 Mosquito gp2, ch2 AF159551
Brazil56 BeAn-5122 Brazil 1956 Sentinel monkey Sm2 AF159559
NJ60 New Jersey 60 New Jersey 1960 Mosquito p6, sm1 U01554
NY69 NY69-7836 Suffolk, NY 1969 Pheasant Unknown EF594003 EF593961
NY71a NY71-3465 Oswego, NY 8/23/1971 Horse Unknown EF594004 EF593962
NY71b NY71-20686 Oswego, NY 8/24/1971 Zonotrichia albicollis Unknown EF594005 EF593963
NY71c NY71-20925 Oswego, NY 8/28/1971 Culex restuans Unknown EF594006 EF593964
NY73 NY73-60104 Onondaga, NY 10/1/1973 Horse Unknown EF594007 EF593965
NY74a NY74-39071 Oswego, NY 8/26/1974 Horse Unknown EF594008 EF593966
NY74b NY74-39073 Oswego, NY 9/2/1974 Horse Unknown EF594009 EF593967
NY74c NY74-23179 Oswego, NY 9/4/1974 Melospiza melodia Unknown EF594010 EF593968
NY74d NY74-33620 Oswego, NY 9/5/1974 Culiseta melanura Unknown EF594011 EF593969
NY74e NY74-33621 Oswego, NY 9/5/1974 Aedes canadensis Unknown EF594012 EF593970
NY74f NY74-33630 Oswego, NY 9/12/1974 Ae. canadensis Unknown EF594013 EF593971
NY74g NY74-33927 Oswego, NY 9/14/1974 Cs. melanura Unknown EF594014 EF593972
NY74h NY74-39100 Oswego, NY 9/20/1974 Horse Unknown EF594015 EF593973
NY75 NY75-39011 Oswego, NY 7/16/1975 Horse unknown EF594016 EF593974
MA77 ME77132 Massachusetts 1977 Mosquito m1, C6/36-1 U01555
WI80 WiAn-5000 Wisconsin 1980 Horse de2, sm1, v1 U01559
FL82 82V-2137 Florida 1982 Mosquito Unknown U01034 U01034
MS83 MS-4789 Mississippi 1983 Human rd2, sm3 AF159552
MD85 215-85 Maryland 1985 Mosquito bhk1 U01556
Brazil85 436087 Brazil 1985 Mosquito sm1,v1 AF159561
Panama86 435731 Panama 1986 Horse v2 AF159560
CT90 Williams Connecticut 1990 Horse v1 U01557
MD90 3067-90 Maryland 1990 Mosquito Unpassed U01553
FL91 Florida91-4697 Florida 1991 Mosquito sm1, v3, bhk2 AY705241 AY705241
GA91 PorEEE Georgia 1991 Pig Unknown AF159557
TX91 VRI-7164 Texas 1991 Horse sm1 AF159553
FL93 FL93-939 Florida 1993 Mosquito v1 AF159554
TX95 PV5-2547C Texas 1995 Mosquito sm1 AF159555
FL96 FL96-14834 Florida 1996 Bird v1 AF159556
GA97 Georgia 97 Georgia 1997 Human v2 AY705240 AY705240
Mexico97 97-1076 Mexico 1997 Horse v1 AF159558
LA02 LA02-5534 Louisiana 9/28/2002 Thryothorus ludovicianus v1 EF593999 EF593957
FL02a FL02-4341 Florida 10/7/2002 Vireo griseus v1 EF593997 EF593955
FL02b FL02-4809 Florida 10/16/2002 Seiurus aurocapillus v1 EF593998 EF593956
NJ03a NJ03-1974 New Jersey 9/24/2003 Empidonax traillii/alnorum v1 EF594000 EF593958
NJ03b NJ03-1977 New Jersey 9/24/2003 Passerina cyanea v1 EF594001 EF593959
VA03 VA03-2789 Virginia 9/30/2003 Vireo olivaceus v1 EF594002 EF593960
NY03a NY03-0127 Suffolk, NY 8/26/2003 Cs. melanura Unpassed EF594017 EF593975
NY03b NY03-2657 Orange, NY 9/2/2003 Corvus brachyrhynchos Unpassed EF594018 EF593976
NY03c NY03-0248 Onondaga, NY 9/11/2003 Cs. melanura Unpassed EF594019 EF593977
NY03d NY03-0199 Onondaga, NY 9/25/2003 Cs. melanura Unpassed EF594020 EF593978
NY04a NY04-0347 Onondaga, NY 7/20/2004 Cs. melanura Unpassed EF594021 EF593979
NY04b NY04-0390 Onondaga, NY 7/29/2004 Cs. melanura Unpassed EF594022 EF593980
NY04c NY04-0391 Onondaga, NY 8/3/2004 Cs. melanura Unpassed EF594023 EF593981
NY04d NY04-0384 Onondaga, NY 8/5/2004 Cs. melanura Unpassed EF594024 EF593982
NY04e NY04-0340 Onondaga, NY 8/26/2004 Cs. melanura Unpassed EF594025 EF593983
NY04f NY04-0401 Onondaga, NY 9/1/2004 Cs. melanura Unpassed EF594026 EF593984
NY04g NY04-2073 Sullivan, NY 9/7/2004 Haliaeetus leucocephalus Unpassed EF594027 EF593985
NY04h NY04-0344 Onondaga, NY 9/9/2004 Cs. melanura Unpassed EF594028 EF593986
NY04i NY04-2727 Onondaga, NY 9/14/2004 Corvus brachyrhynchos Unpassed EF594029 EF593987
NY04j NY04-0029 Ulster, NY 9/16/2004 Horse Unpassed EF594030 EF593988
NY04k NY04-0037 Chemung, NY 10/10/2004 Horse Unpassed EF594031 EF593989
NY05a NY05-0404 Onondaga, NY 7/14/2005 Cs. melanura v1 EF594032 EF593990
NY05b NY05-0411 Onondaga, NY 7/26/2005 Coquillettidia perturbans Unpassed EF594033 EF593991
NY05c NY05-0443 Onondaga, NY 7/26/2005 Cs. melanura Unpassed EF594034 EF593992
NY05d NY05-0410 Madison, NY 8/24/2005 Cs. melanura v1 EF594035 EF593993
NY05e NY05-2433 Onondaga, NY 9/28/2005 Cyanocitta cristata Unpassed EF594036 EF593994
NY05f NY05-0050 Oswego, NY 10/5/2005 Horse Unpassed EF594037 EF593995
Ten Broeck EEE-Ten Broeck Virginia 1933 Horse Unknown EF594038 EF593996

*Strain designations in bold were sequenced in this study, GenBank sequences from Brault et al. (1999) and Platteborze et al. (2005) (34,35).
†Passage history obtained from Brault et al. (1999) and Platteborze et al. (2005) (34,35); v, Vero cell culture; sm, suckling mouse; gp, guinea pig; ch, chicken embryo; p, unknown passages; C6/36, C636 clone of Aedes albopictus cell culture; bhk, baby hamster kidney cell culture; de, duck embryo cell culture; rd, human embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma cell culture; m, mosquito.
‡Information uncertain for Ten Broeck strain sequenced in this study, thought to be derived from passaged VA33 strain.

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