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Volume 15, Number 12—December 2009


Possible Interruption of Malaria Transmission, Highland Kenya, 2007–2008

Chandy C. JohnComments to Author , Melissa A. Riedesel, Ng’wena G. Magak, Kim A. Lindblade, David M. Menge, James S. Hodges, John M. Vulule, and Willis Akhwale
Author affiliations: University of Minnesota Medical School, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA (C.C. John, M.A. Riedesel, D.M. Menge); Moi University School of Medicine, Eldoret, Kenya (N.G. Magak); Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, Georgia, USA (K.A. Lindblade); University of Minnesota, Minneapolis (J.S. Hodges); Kenya Medical Research Institute, Kisian, Kenya (J.M. Vulule); Ministry of Health, Nairobi, Kenya (W. Akhwale)

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Table 2

Annual cumulative incidence of Plasmodium falciparum malaria in Kipsamoite and Kapsisiwya, Kenya, April 2003–March 2008*†

Year Kipsamoite
Cumulative incidence Incidence ratio 
(95% CI) p value Cumulative incidence Incidence ratio (95% CI)† p value
2003 Apr–2004 Mar 23.20 Ref Ref 106.03 Ref Ref
2004 Apr–2005 Mar 42.53 1.83 (1.36–2.47) <0.001 82.58 0.78 (0.66–0.91) 0.002
2005 Apr–2006 Mar 18.79‡ 0.81 (0.57–1.16)§ 0.229 8.03¶ 0.10 (0.07–0.15)# <0.001
2006 Apr–2007 Mar 9.30** 0.47 (0.30–0.71)†† <0.001 8.99‡‡ 0.19 (0.12–0.27)§§ <0.001
2007 Apr–2008 Mar 0.00 0.00 <0.001 0.00 0.00 <0.001

*CI, confidence interval; Ref, reference.
†Annual cumulative incidence/1,000 persons was compared by using negative binomial regression, except for 2007–2008, which was compared by using Fisher exact test.
‡Available data were for all months except January 2006.
§Compared with same months in 2003–2004 (incidence 23.20/1,000).
¶Available data were for April–June 2005 and February 2006.
#Compared with same months in 2003–2004 (incidence 79.41/1,000).
**Available data were for April–June 2006 and December 2006–March 2007.
††Compared with same months in 2003–2004 (incidence 19.99/1,000).
‡‡Available data were for April–May 2006 and December 2006–March 2007.
§§Compared with same months in 2003–2004 (incidence 48.19/1,000).

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